Ten of the Most Extraordinary Uses for Gold You Will Ever See

There are many weird and wonderful uses for gold. Being a soft, malleable metal, it is easy to mould into any shape. A lot of jewellers and Pawnbrokers buy gold and some have it turned it into something else. Well, maybe, just maybe it will be turned into one of these amazing things…



Top 10 Most Extraordinary Uses for Gold
Gold Used to Make a Building

10 – Building

Some buildings now are glazed with a very thin layer of gold that helps give them more of a shine. The gold leaf is attracted to the paint helping it last for a lot longer.

Gold Used to Make a Beauty Cream

9 – Feeling Beautiful

For a very high spec spa treatment, you can now have a message with gold plated creams. A very luxurious way of realising. The Chinese beauty manufacturer UMO sell these.

Gold Used to Make a Space Helmet

8 – Going into Space

Gold also comes in very useful for things you wouldn’t think it would. Astronauts have gold-plated visors on their helmets as it helps with the radiation and deflects the sun’s rays.

Gold Used to Make a Cigar

7 – Smoke it

You can now literally smoke your gold away. 24K cigars are on the market if you are feeling rich enough to smoke away your money.

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Gold Used to Make an iPhone

6 – iPhone’s

As Apple are bringing out more and more iPhone’s every year, it is no surprise that you can purchase a gold plated iPhone now as well. If this sounds right up your street, you can buy it from London Jeweller Gold & co for a massive $4,380.

Gold Used to Make a Teeth

5 – Teeth

Having a “Grill” or a set of gold teeth caps is something that many hip-hop stars do to show their wealth and is often considered to be a sign of a true gangster.

Gold Used to Make a Credit Card

4 – Credit Cards

There is a credit card that can be made out of gold, Mother or Pearl and Diamonds, not something you’d want to lose if your wallet got nicked.

Gold Used to Make a Cupcake

3 – Cupcakes

The Golden Phoenix is a cupcake that is made in Dubai and worth an astonishing $28,000. It must have to be a really good cupcake, but does it taste half as rich as you have to be to buy one? I would love to find out.

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Gold Used to Make a Pills

2 – Pills

Yes, you can buy pills that are filled with gold leaf. The idea is to make what you pass all glittery. The pills are part of a collection called ‘Indulgences’ and they cost around $425 each

Gold Used to Make a Vodka

1 –  Vodka

Goldschlager vodka is one of the most famous kinds of booze as it has little flakes of gold in it. Being a cheaper alternative to many things that use gold, this vodka is still an interesting use.

Author: Gus Barge

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