Ten Pictures of Cardboard Cat Art That Will Make Anyone Laugh

When it comes to weird trends and cats I thought I had just about shown you all of them. But today I learned about something called “Cardboard Cat Art” this is not like the post “Top 10 Painted Cats” this is the trend of painting a box with whatever style you fancy, cutting a hole in the box and playing with your cat until it sticks its head through the hole! It sounds complicated, but it is nothing more than a bit of fun for both owner and pet…


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Cat art in the style of a cat
Cat art in the style of a cat

10 – If I was going to make one of these, this would be as good as it gets!

FACT: Cardboard boxes are not made of paper these days, it is much more likely to be made from a combination of de-ink, bleach, re-pulp, and recycled paper.

Cat art in the style of the Hunger Games

9 – Yes! Someone really did remake the hunger games using cats!

FACT: Sadly the life of a cardboard box is relatively short-lived as it will only survive 2.5 uses on average before being too weak to use.

Cat art in the style of a Hula Girl

8 – Does his bum look big in this?!?

FACT: Paper and cardboard are over 32% of the entire household rubbish we throw away each and every year!

Cat art in the style of a bee

7 – That is one angry-looking bee!

FACT: For every single tonne of cardboard we recycle it saves an incredible 17 trees!

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Cat art in the style of a Indiana Jones

6 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fur!

FACT: A single tonne of cardboard is so industrialised that it takes 4100 kW /hours of electricity to produce it!

Cat art in the style of a dinosaur

5 – You’ve heard of Jurassic Park? Well, this is Jurassic Purr!

FACT: It is thought that for each person in the UK and US uses 140 corrugated cardboard boxes each and every year!

Cat art in the style of a Superman

4 – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s nothing more than fun cardboard cat art!

FACT: A comparison study between cardboard and plastic found that it takes 4 times the amount of energy to produce cardboard that it does plastic!

Cat art in the style of a Witch

3 – The evil witch Catulda!

FACT: Compared to plastic cardboard production generates over 50X more water and pollutants!

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Cat art in the style of a Spaceman

2 – Ground control to Major Tom…cat!

FACT: Try not to throw away cardboard at all as it makes excellent compost! Just scrunch it up and put it in your compost bin!

Cat art in the style of Super Mario

1 – Grab the mushroom Super Kittio!

FACT: Ever tried to get cardboard as small as you can? Well, when it is bundled ready to be recycled it works out that each box has been flattened and compacted to only 0.3mm per 4 x 4 x 4 Inches size box!

Author: Gus Barge

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