Ten Weird Looking Cats in Tights Who Look Kinda Creepy

Just when I thought the cat world couldn’t get any stranger, there is a new craze going around the internet and social media channels that quite frankly looks wrong. It is called “Cats in Tights” and while it does make for some very funny images indeed, it just looks…well….kind of wrong! Maybe it is because they remind me of the Muppets! Or maybe it is just plain, old strange, time for you to decide as I show you what I think is…


BONUS CONTENT: The Top 10 Facts About Tights / Pantyhoses


Cat in a pair of stuffed tights
Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

10 – “After going to the gym, Joan always likes to crash on the bed for 5.”

FACT: A lot of women (and some men) say that they don’t like tights because of their namesake and they are uncomfortable t wear because they are so restricting, but this is just not true. Apparently, a good-fitting tights can conform to any leg, so the wearer shouldn’t feel any discomfort or bunching. In fact, they should always take the shape of the leg so well that the person wearing them won’t notice them at all!

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

9 – “I like you human, I really do! You feed me, care for me, but you really need a girlfriend!”

FACT: It is a common myth that tights can be so easily stretched out of shape that it is much better to buy a smaller size. While it is indeed true that they will stretch to fit the leg of the wearer, they also always shrink back to their original size when you take them off. Getting a smaller size will result in the pantyhose stretching way too much, and that could cause unneeded wear and tear.

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

8 – “Are we ever going to get to this disco, I licked my fur to perfection, let’s go.”

FACT: Some people think that you can’t wear tights in the summer because it makes them far too hot! But this just isn’t true, they are usually made out of material that is very breathable and heat-resistant!

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

7 – “MUM? Clare won’t let me use the laptop, and she is still in her gym wear and smells!”

FACT: Most people think that tights are too expensive nowadays because they now made with lycra are more expensive? But in truth, the pricing really does depend on the manufacturer and the cost of production, much like any other product, but just because it is made with lycra in it does not necessarily make it more expensive than all other brands.

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Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

6 – “Sometimes, laying on the floor feels like the best thing in the world.”

FACT: Here is one I didn’t know, the “Denier” count that is printed on the packet is the number associated with how sheer the nylons are! Referring to the thickness and weight of the nylons the basic rule is the higher the denier, the more opaque tights are while the lower denier number, the sheerer your tights will be!

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

5 – “I try to get 60 mins of downtime every day. Tights on,  Call of Duty: Ghosts in hand.”

FACT: Is there really a difference between tights and pantyhose? Well, it is thought that any tights with a denier less than 40 are considered pantyhose or fine tights, the main difference is pantyhose are not completely transparent, but you can see through them.

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

4 – “Can we have a talk about getting some better furniture? Beanbags are so 90’s”

FACT: The wearing of tights is often believed to be started by royalty, but the truth is that is was men wearing them in the theatres and playhouses that was the first recorded mainstream use of them.

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

3 – “Have you done something with your fur Dave, you look kinda different!?”

Fact: In almost all photo adverts of tights and pantyhose in magazines and posts around the world, most of them will be upside down legs! This is because legs look better in tights when they are seen upside down! Weird but strangely true.

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Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

2 – “It’s the crocs that make this look weird isn’t it, I should have gone with stilettos!”

FACT: At the time of King Henry VIII of England it was male fashion for displaying a big…bulge in the groin area, so when people of royalty or fine standing had their paintings done they would often wear oversized and often comedy sized groin boxes under their tights!

Cat in a pair of stuffed tights

1 –  “I rely on the kindness of strangers!”

FACT: 99% of all tights sold these days have a microencapsulation technique in them. Believe it or not, these are microscopic bubbles in the tights that contain things like moisturisers and skin creams! These are said to act against the skin to create beauty benefit for the wearer. Some manufacturers have even put caffeine in tights! Coffee tights?!? Bring em on!

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