Top 10 Warm And Comfortable Cats In Slippers

There is nothing like coming home from a long day’s work and finally getting your slippers on. That warm, fuzzy feeling makes you feel instantly at home and cats feel the same way and have decided to slip their own slipper on…



Cat Wearing Slippers
Cat Wearing Slippers

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This cat looks like he is home for the evening and nothing is going to disturb her during her slipper time.

Cats Wearing Slippers

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When you own kittens, it is important to remember to check your slippers and shoes before you put them on (for various reasons).

Cat Wearing Slippers

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Sometimes you just have to take the world on, one novelty slipper at a time.

Cat Wearing Slippers

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To a cat, a slipper can be a play-toy, a bed and sadly even a toilet!

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Cat Wearing Slippers

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Seems this kitty might want to get a few sizes smaller the next time he goes slipper shopping.

Cats Wearing Slippers

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What cats are still small a comfortable, fluffy slipper makes a great cat bed!

Cat Wearing Slippers

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Catching your cat wearing your slippers is a lot better than catching them pooping in them!

Cat Wearing Slippers

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This puss stomps around all day like he owns the place! But with feet, that big no-one is going to argue with him.

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Cat Wearing Slippers

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This kitty doesn’t approve of your choice in open-toed slippers. But wears them anyway to keep his legs warm.

Cat Wearing Slippers

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It’s Dinoclaws! He stops about all day long in his novelty slippers, pretending to stomp on the poor, tormented dog.

Author: Gus Barge

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