Top 10 Sleepy Cats Sleeping In Unusual Places

After a long day at work, a bed can seem like the best place in the world. It doesn’t have to be a nice bed, just somewhere to rest your weary head. Sometimes I’m so tired I could sleep on a chicken’s beak, but not even I could sleep where these ten cats have decided to rest their heads…



Cat Asleep Inside a Guitar Case
Cat Asleep Inside a Guitar Case

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This kitty dreams of having his own band one day, but for now, he busks down the local high street…at night.

Cat Asleep Inside a Dustpan Scoop

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That is for household dust, not sleepy dust! And where has the brush gone?!

Cat Asleep Inside a BBQ Grill

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After an all-day BBQ with friends and family, the best place to sleep is where you have been all along.

Cat Asleep Inside a Gutter

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I’ve heard of people sleeping in the gutter, but never the roof gutter! If it rained would it wash poor kitty away, just like Incy Wincy Spider?

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Cat Asleep Inside a Banister

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You might have heard of living life on the edge, but this cat sleeps on it as well!

Cat Asleep Inside a Boot

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I suppose to a cat this Ugg Boot does look just like a sleeping bag!

Cat Asleep Inside a Radiator

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This sleep spot kind of makes sense (provided the heating isn’t on too high).

Cat Asleep Inside a Bike Helmet

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This kitty one-day dreams of entering the Tour de France, if only his short legs could reach the peddles.

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Cat Asleep Inside a Tree Stump

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Let us hope this cat didn’t saw that tree down just for a place to sleep!

Cat Asleep Inside a Knights Helmet

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Falling asleep inside your armour used to be punishable by death. But I guess we can let this little guy off.

Author: Gus Barge

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