Ten Dogs Covered in Mud Who Will Be Having a Bath When They Get Home

The problem with owning a dog is a dog doesn’t understand that it needs to stay clean. A cat will never come home covered in mud, or roll around in poo! But today my dog is one of those dirty dogs who managed to find a massive puddle and proceeded to roll around in it much like this lot have done…



Top 10 Dogs Covered in Mud
Dog Covered in mud

10 – Half and half

This dog must have overheard his owner saying how it was a half-breed not a full one, so he felt that he should cover the bad half of himself in the mud. It’s funny how it is an almost perfect line going down him.

Dog Covered in mud

9 – Drips

This is what happens when a white fur dog goes into a very dirty puddle. I love the way the dog’s fur is so thick that the mud can’t penetrate most of it creating a dripping mud effect on the poor pooch.

Dog Covered in mud

8 – 3 for filth

This looks more like a cue for the bog snorkelling championships! But it seems like when one goes in, they all go in. Maybe they are all just happy to cool down for a bit, or maybe they are all fans of the mud.

Dog Covered in mud

7 – What mud?

When it comes to getting covered in dirt my own dog has never come home with just his snout covered in mud. It is mostly all or nothing when it comes to my mutt. Unlike this one, it seems that has somehow managed to keep most of himself out of it.

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Dog Covered in mud

6 – All the way

For most of us dog owners, this is the thing we dread to see the most. Our lovable mutts plastered in mud and knowing that you have to go the whole car journey home with the dog somewhere in the car. I always carry old blankets just in case these days.

Dog Covered in mud

5 – Colour Match

My dog is black and brown anyway, but an owner of a white dog must fear their dogs getting into the brown stuff. Not only does it look 9 times worse anyway, but it will also stain the fur for a while.

Dog Covered in mud

4 – Mud Pack

The dog I had before the one I have now used to do this truffle pig thing along the ground much like this pooch seems to have done, and yes the dog would always end up looking like it has a face pack on.

Dog Covered in mud

3 – Not a care was given

Dogs don’t care what it is when they get hot, they just care that they cool off while they lay in it. Sadly that does mean a muddy puddle can often look like an ice-bath to some dogs like this one.

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Dog Covered in mud

2 – Invisible

This dog has clearly found his matching colour! Just a few rolls around in this puddle and the dog would have looked like it vanished! But all that mud also means their fur will feel lovely and soft afterwards.

Dog Covered in mud

1 – Brown Dog Vs White Ball

There seems to remain a constant when we look back over the last 10 images, and that is the dogs are always happy! “Happier than a pig in muck” goes the saying and when it comes to dogs never a more true word is spoken.

Author: Gus Barge

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