Top 10 Best Gambling Movies Worth Watching Now

Top 10 Best Gambling Movies Worth Watching Now

Casino players all have their favourite list of movies on the subject. Whether it’s a comedy based in Las Vegas or criminal action or drama, there are some great movies based on this theme. Some of the highest-rated and most popular movies have a gambling or casino theme involved. There are, however, some less popular ones you might have missed. These films are still highly rated and even have a cult following. And if you catch a sudden urge to live one of your favourite casino movies, check out casino online Ireland


Based on the original book of the same title by Nicholas Pileggi, Casino was written and directed by Martin Scorsese. Scorsese is most known for his east coast mafia films that involve a lot of crime and drama. It’s no different with Casino. Casino is one of Scorsese’s most famous films, and it stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone as leads.

It’s no coincidence two of the most famous actors of the 90s led this Mafia crime drama. It was one of the most anticipated films of the decade. The film is complemented with other A-Listers such as Joe Pesci and James Woods.

The film centres around an ex-mafia casino executive and his old friend who is still largely involved in the mafia. The two friends pitheads to take over casinos in Las Vegas. Filled with drama and lots of deception, Casino is a fan favourite among many.

The Hangover

When four buddies set off for a harmless Bachelor weekend in Las Vegas, things instantly get out of hand when one of the friends slips some drugs into everyone’s drinks on the first night. Only three friends wake up the next morning not knowing what happened to the bachelor and are unable to find him.

The main body of the story involves dangerous men, celebrities, and having to gamble one night to make all their troubles disappear. This irreverent comedy is raunchy and full of famous one-liners that are household in pop culture today.

Uncut Gems

This award-winning crime drama is led by Adam Sandler in a gritty indie-style Netflix film. Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler, is a struggling New York City jeweller who has mounting debts and a string of bad luck. Going through a divorce, the jeweller finds solace, if not hope, in sports gambling.

He finds himself having to risk everything to stay alive, let alone afloat.

Top 10 Best Gambling Movies Worth Watching Now

Rain Man

The highest-grossing film of 1988 stars Dustin Hoffmann and Tom Cruise. Rain Man is about a semi-successful Los Angeles man whose father has recently died. He finds out he had an unknown brother who inherited his father’s entire fortune. Looking to cash in on some of the money, he decides to take his brother on a countrywide road trip. The brother, played by Hoffmann, is on the autism spectrum and is great with numbers.

They decide to gamble at a casino and use the brother’s numbers skills to count cards and cash in on a lot of money. The movie journeys through learning to understand one another and gain a friendship regardless of life circumstances.

Casino Royale

Part of the James Bond trilogy, in Casino Royale, 007 finds himself having to beat a terrorist funder at his own rigged game of poker. The MI6 secret agent played by Daniel Craig must not only bluff his way during an intense poker game, but the stakes are also rather high, as many lives are at stake and so is the terrorist empire run by his poker opponent.

Casino Royale is one of the most popular and highest-rated Bond films of all time, and the infamous poker game is one of the most popular scenes in cinema today.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

This English crime comedy film centres around 3 rugged Englishmen who try to beat a mobster at his own game of 3-card brag. 3-card brag is the UK version of poker. There is, however, a lot of deception and dirty tricks when it comes to the mobster.

The three find themselves navigating through beating a very dangerous man, saving their lives and those financial interests of loved ones.

Oceans Eleven

Although none of the main characters in Oceans Eleven do any actual gambling in the film, there are still casinos, Las Vegas, and the biggest gamble of all, pulling off the biggest heist in history. Danny Ocean assembles a team of 11 men to rob not one, but three casinos in one night.

Whether they are pretending to be high-end casino gamblers, or are professional lock openers, his team has to work together to pull off what is considered impossible.

Top 10 Best Gambling Movies Worth Watching Now

Molly’s Game

Based on the true story of Molly Bloom, the ex-Olympic athlete that ran a high-stakes poker club for the rich and famous. She originally ran games for her ex-boss until she decided to open her own shop. Able to win business with her flirtatious charm, she quickly became the most reputable yet illegal poker organizer in the USA. A club that only the super-rich and sometimes dangerous were allowed to join. 

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

This low-budget film that came to critical acclaim is based on the true biography of Stu Ungar. A professional poker player who won the world series of poker 3 times in his career. The only person to ever do so.

The film showcases his amazing poker skills but also his intense drug addiction. He possessed an extremely high IQ and also a photographic memory.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid, played by Steve McQueen, is a new up-and-coming poker player who is ready to take on seasonal pros, no matter what the circumstances are. His protege is a more seasoned veteran of the game with a cooler and more calculated approach to life.

Together, they take on the best at the game in a high-stakes match against a well-known pro.


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