The 10 Very Best of Drew Barrymore Movies

Drew Barrymore has been a familiar face on our screens since the 1980s. If you are a fan of movies, you have probably heard about her and her legendary performances.

She was a child actor who grew into one of the most brilliant women in the industry. Drew Barrymore has 76 acting credits, and she has also done some production work as well. Here are some of her best movies.

Boys on the Side

Boys on the Side

This throwback comedy film offers everything you’d want in a movie. It is funny, captivating, and the characters are incredible. The comedy-drama is about the stories of Holly, Jane, and Robin. Their roles are played by Mary Louise Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, and Drew Barrymore. Matthew McConaughey is featured in the movies as well.

Even though they are very different women, they all have incredible, heartfelt stories. If you are looking for a truly hilarious and heartwarming story about female friendships, Boys on the Side is a great option.


This horror film is truly impressive. It is one of her most famous works. With Neve Campbell, Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, and other great actors, Scream is impossible to forget.

It is a horror lover’s dream as the characters actually go to the movies. The movie makes you live the scary and confusing moments with the characters. It defies the rules of movie history. Just like most of us, the characters love movie stars like Richard Gere and Tom Cruise.

They look into the motivations of different characters and ask questions like ‘What was Hannibal Lecter’s reason to eat people? And ‘What was Norman Bates’ motive?
While many movies may have characters going to the movies, Scream takes things to a different level. It is about knowledge rather than the simple act of going to the movies. Since the characters have lots of knowledge regarding horror films, they know what to do and what to avoid. It is almost impossible to tell what is will happen next.

The movie starts with Drew Barrymore home alone. She receives a threatening call and heads to the kitchen, where there are many big knives (just like in all horror movies).

Another woman, Neve Campbell, is soon introduced. Her mother was murdered in the previous year, and her father is away for the weekend. Rumours of killings are spreading through her school, and she is understandably afraid.

The plot quickly develops from that. However, the movie is less about the plot and more about the characters. It will probably not make it to the top of your list but this is a movie you’ll never forget.

Lucky You

Cards on the table: it is almost impossible to put down a movie that delivers amazing Bruce Springsteen and George Jones songs within the first few minutes. If you don’t love anything else about this movie, you’ll enjoy the music. The rest of the movie features the same high canonical music quality.
Luck You is one of Curtis Hanson’s best works. It is a romantic drama that was released in 2007 and is set against the backdrop of the 2003 World Series of Poker championships. The gifted poker player, Eric Bana, plays the role of Huck Cheever. In the movie, he can read the body language of other players and easily determine their vulnerabilities.

However, the big poker player has a troubled relationship with his father, and it haunts him. Sometimes, his emotions cloud his judgement hence affecting his play. Huck later meets Drew Barrymore, who plays the role of Billie.

She is a beautiful and honest aspiring singer who holds traditional values. The movie follows Huck through his relationships without losing focus of him as a poker star.

Huck does everything he can to face off his father at the poker Main event. Down to his last cent, the poker star ends up betting the pawn slip of his mother’s wedding ring.

Huck has so much resentment and anger towards his father, and it clouds his judgement. His father, LC, wins the round. The scene turns out to be more frustrating than exciting. Read this review to learn more.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

This is a biography comedy directed by George Clooney based on the adaptation of a Chuck Barris memoir. He was a cult member who claimed to be a CIA hitman. The movie stars big names like Drew Barrymore, Dick Clark, and Michelle Sweeney.

It is a classic crime film that will keep you captivated from the beginning to the end. The film is generally bizarre and intriguing. It takes you into a world of unusual occurrences and characters who turn out to be larger than life.

In his memoir, Barry claimed to have killed for the CIA three times. According to his book, he had the ideal cover- the creator of ‘The Gong Show’ and ‘The Dating Game’ would go to romantic locations and trips with his winners.

He would then kill while the lucky winners enjoyed themselves. No one would suspect him. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind shows George Clooney as a smart person rather than just a TV hunk.

The role of Barris is played by Sam Rockwell. He has amazing gifts but clearly lacks the opportunity to enjoy them. His depression stems from his fear that he couldn’t have done better in life.

Donnie Darko

If you are looking for a thriller, you can’t do better than this film. Even though it is a pretty old film, it can still hold up. It is the type of movie that you can’t watch only once. With the eerie atmosphere and unpredictability, Donnie Darko is a classic.

The movie is set in a leafy suburb and is based on a teenager who is tormented by the visions of a strange man wearing a rabbit costume. The rabbit man eventually convinces him to commit crimes.

Many themes come together but they are summarized when Donnie is speaking to a guru. He admits to be feeling scared and confused. Ultimately, the movie is about people who have intense films. Donnie himself is a sweet young man struggling with spiritual isolation and loneliness.

The film stars Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many other great names. They make it unforgettable in the worst and best ways. Donnie Darko is the type of movie that you don’t only experience but also solve. The plot keeps coiling back in captivating puzzles.

Everyone Says I Love You

Do you enjoy a good musical? ‘Everyone Says I Love You’ ticks all the boxes. It is fun relatable, and best of all, it features classic songs. The film was written and directed by Woody Allen. It stars great names like Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, and Julia Roberts.

The film experiments with actors who have no musical talent. The director meant for them to sound like ordinary people rather than the real singers featured in most musicals. However, Barrymore thought her singing voice was particularly bad. She requested that the director dub her singing.

Poison Ivy

Katt Shea Ruben directed this 1992 film. After the massive success of ‘Fatal Attraction,’ directors and writers became too focused on the theme of obsessed women stalking men. To be honest, most of them were too predictable and boring.

Poison Ivy was exceptional. It is the kind of film you watch over and over again without getting bored. Barrymore played the role of a young high school girl who was obsessed by a much older guy. Even more shocking, he was her dad’s friend. Even though the plot is simple, Barrymore manages to portray real torment and fear.

The Wedding Singer

This 1998 film was written by Tim Herlihy and directed by Frank Coraci. It was one of the funniest and most exciting box office tallies that feature Barrymore. It is a man who finds out that he is in love with the wrong woman. He soon realizes that Barrymore is the ‘right’ woman for him.
She is a beautiful woman with a charm that radiates right through the screen. In all honesty, this film shows her in her most charming state. She remains calm, centred, and oh-so-beautiful even as Sandler continues with his antics.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

OK, so this movie wasn’t the best at all, but it was one of those big Girl Power style movies that give females a hero to look up to of sorts and maybe it was just a little bit ahead of its time. If only this was in the time of Marvel movies it might well have received a better reception.

Irreconcilable Differences

If you are looking for a funny yet sad film with a great storyline, this 1983 is the one. Even though it seemed a bit gimmicky when it first came out, it turned out to be very entertaining. There are lots of great comedic turns from Barrymore, Shelley Long, and Ryan O’ Neal.

The film truly captures the feelings of anger and despair of a young girl who feels neglected. Her parents seem to be too focused on their divorce and careers. It is loosely based on the life of Peter Bogdanovich, a famous director, and his wife.

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