Top 10 Movies Inspired by Drugs

Currently, there are so many movies inspired by drugs and cinemas have used it as their weapon.  Every genre incorporates the themes to come up with incredible films.

We have all experienced a particular kind of influence. Families, friends, acquaintances and other members of the public play a very crucial role in the way we act or behave. The number of people who are introduced to drugs is increasing, and now each family has someone that is either using the drugs or selling them. Hollywood felt that it is necessary to make films that are inspired by drugs.  Directors of movies depict how individuals are vulnerable to the menace of substance abuse. The directors aim at sparking your nostalgia and other feelings. We relate to the story lines because we are experiencing the same in life. The drugs movie’s themes include:

•    Films of drug dealers and how they behave.
•    Drug users are otherwise known as the abusers.
•    Drug trafficking and the ongoing operations.
•    Drug abuse. Involves the different methods of use and how they are induced into the body.

Drug movies are known for their fascination, and they have varied objectives such as wagering a war on the drugs, depicting the intensity on drug issues or portraying how the issue affects development.  The list below shows top ten movies that appear to have been inspired by drugs.



Requiem for a Dream
Requiem for a Dream

10 – Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a dream shows a frightening world of prescriptions, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and pills. Also, hallucinations, prostitutions, and other infections are evidently seen. The characters give the viewers a time of their lives by showing tragic scenarios of self-destruction. The leading character struggles with love and substance addiction. However, it is important to warn the viewers so that they will know what to expect. They should be warned of the troubling, cringe-inducing, hypnotic side of the film. Once you start watching, it is impossible to look away. It captures your attention.

Casino Royale

9 – Casino Royale

Martin Campbell, in 2009 developed Casino Royale. It represents the remaking of the experience of the casinos. The movie shows a character by the name Le Chiffre. He is a banker to one of the major terrorist. He is seen going to a Texas Hold’em high roller game in Montenegro. Also, he is accompanied by foreign companion by the name Vesper Lynd who is an agent. The role of James Bond is to prevent Le Chiffre from running away and winning.


8 – Casino

Martin Scorsese shows two sides of the Las Vegas life. People play free slots and see the glamour and glitz, by contrast, there exist ongoing brutality and cruel transactions beneath everything else. Robert De Niro, an operator in the casino, is connected to a mob. He lives a very civilised life alongside Ginger, his wife. The other character is Joe Pesci Niro’s friend since childhood but currently a Mafia.  His arrival in town has a different agenda set to disrupt Niro’s life.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

7 – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Terry creation is about greed, power, money, gangsters and drugs. Terry creates a film about the fear and loathing in Las Vegas.  Johnny Depp, the leading character, is taken on a road trip across West America.  It portrays the true nature of Vegas the Sin City and shows how the two partners Samoan and Depp spend a substantial sum of money on drugs in the quest for the popular American Dream.

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The Hangover

6 – The Hangover

Hangover is a story of friends that travel Vegas to celebrate one of their own bachelor party. After arriving in Vegas, they overindulge in drugs ending up with a tiger in the morning. It is a funny film showing how drugs can blow your mind.


5 – Sicario

Sicario shows the realm of drug organising, execution, trafficking and prearranging crimes. The personalities in the film depict a triviality on the issue.  Josh Brolin and Del Toro start the war on drugs.


4 – Goodfellas

Goodfellas is another great movie showing how Henry gets initiated into the world full of drugs, gaming, and guns. His mentors are De Niro, Conway and Devito.  However, as the movie continues, Henry and his wife learn that the life of sex, organised crimes is similar to the intoxicating of inhaling cocaine for a long while.

The Constant Gardener

3 – The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener is a narration of the untold truth that was never revealed. The leading character travels with a mission of hunting the truth on how his wife died. Flashbacks direct the character to unravel a scheme, and he is led to corporations that deal with pharmaceutical drugs. A particular corporation is responsible for using the population of Kenya to test drugs that have adverse side effects.

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Easy Rider

2 – Easy Rider

Easy rider is known for the best drugs movies showing the life of the characters as they tour the United States. They have an encounter with drug merchants, violence, and parades. It is an American road movie.

Apocalypse Now

1 – Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now depicts the life of a lone agent journeying in desperate quest of a soldier up the river. In the movie, the soldier character is played by Kurtz who unfortunately became mad and raised an army that is established in Vietnam. The whole story is founded in the Heart of Darkness and shows suffering because of alcohol fueling.

The top ten movies depict the life that people live in and how drugs are affecting people live and leading to addictions. They are either leading the wars on drugs or just highlighting how the issue is widespread. The movies are quite thrilling with personalities playing their roles impeccably. You are guaranteed of experiencing a blood rush when watching the intoxicating films. Directors are keen on details because they keep the viewers watching.

Author: Gus Barge

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