10 of the Best TV and Film Casino Crossovers

10 of the Best TV and Film Casino Crossovers
10 of the Best TV and Film Casino Crossovers

It isn’t uncommon for some of the world’s biggest films and TV shows to make the leap into other media, with soundtracks, clothing and other collectable merchandise very popular. But a growing number of titles are also being immortalised in the world of online gambling. For years, casino websites have utilised media licences to make their games more appealing to new customers. Utilising a brand that is recognisable helps to build an instant connection to a potential player who is considering the options available.

In this article, we will count down ten of the best TV and film franchises to make the leap into casino gaming. Many leading casino websites offer a great range of themed games, with slots games, in particular, is influenced heavily by pop culture. The online slots and casino games collection at Betfair offers a great choice, including branded Grease, The X Files and The Matrix online slots.


DC Justice League Slot Game

10. DC Justice League

DC’s Universe of comic book heroes has captivated a generation of movie-goers, including many who enjoyed the comic books in years gone by. The vast series of films has given us almost countless heroes to idolise – and they now play a starring role in slots games.

Grease Slot Game

9. Grease

This cult classic is still enjoyed by millions who like to sing and dance along to its 1950s nostalgia. And its status as a hit with older audiences makes it an ideal candidate for the online casino treatment, with many of the songs being brought to life for gamers.

Kong Slot Game

8. Kong

The modern remake of the classic fantasy villain was met with mixed reviews when it hit the big screen, but the brand itself is almost as big as the eponymous gigantic ape. Today, the skyscraper-wrecking monster plays a starring role in his own slots game.

Top Gun Slot Game

7. Top Gun

The genre-defining action movie starring Tom Cruise followed the life and times of a Maverick pilot and encouraged filmgoers to follow their passions in the heat of battle. But we recommend a more rational approach for the casino spin-off!

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American Dad Slot Game

6. American Dad

Speaking of spin-offs, American Dad is the animated show produced by Seth McFarlane that runs alongside Family Guy. The series hasn’t captivated fans like the original did, but it has a big enough following to warrant its own wacky casino game – and some of its fans are adamant it is much better than FG.

The X Files Slot Game

5. The X Files

A show that many people regarded as peak nineties, The X Files followed the trials and tribulations of Mulder and Scully as they investigated the paranormal. The casino game that shares its name is a little more predictable but no less intriguing.

Gladiator Slot Game

4. Gladiator

Are you not entertained? This epic Ancient Roman flick depicted Maximus’s struggles against the establishment and earned Russell Crowe huge plaudits for his performance. And you can relive those incredible battles with its own slot game.

Rocky Slot Game

3. Rocky

This iconic boxing flick inspired a generation to strive for greatness and was so popular that it spawned an eight-film saga. The ’80s iconography of the original films made this a perfect candidate for being transformed into a casino game – and that it did, to the delight of several gamers.

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Dirty Dancing Slot Game

2. Dirty Dancing

This cult classic, starring Patrick Swayze, offered movie-goers the time of their lives – and they can now enjoy the action as an accompaniment to their favourite slots game. Eyes hungry for the jackpot? This could be the game for you.

The Matrix Slot Game

1. The Matrix

The Matrix pushed boundaries with its special effects and conceptual storytelling and is today fondly remembered as a milestone film. It’s one of many films on our list to spawn several sequels and spin-offs, and it also makes for a pretty cool casino game.

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