Ten Gift Wrapped Cats You Wouldn’t Want for Christmas

Let’s face it, the internet is cat crazy! Over this first year of my blog, we have seen them dressed as Sushi, painted, boxed and generally treated rather badly for our own amusement. Sadly for our feline friends, Christmas time is not that much different because today we are taking a little peek into the crazy trend of cat

Gift Wrapped Cat

“This is one gift bag they will not be expecting!”

“You think this silly paper wrap will hold me? I am your MASTER!!!”

“I will just wait until they keep all this mess up and then I will give them the gift of fear!”

“I just wanted to hold the ribbon on and got tied underneath it!”

“Who needs an XBOX, you got me now!”

“Santa paper? I am worth at least Sponge Bob gift wrap!”

“You idiot! I make made me look more like a French Stick than a present!”

“OK, OK it seems you really can wrap almost anything!”

Author: Gus Barge

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