Ten Bad Landlord Repairs You Won’t Believe Really Happened

We have all heard of landlords from hell from TV shows or friend of a friend. But while I was in University I really did experience this first hand! The guy was pure evil and while often raising the amount of rent we had to pay he would also make some of the worst repair jobs you have ever seen! Sadly I didn’t take any images at the time, but here are 10 that he would approve of…



Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Light Chain Repair

10 – Light Chain

When you ask the landlord to repair the pull chain on the light you do not expect it to be done right away. You don’t expect it to be a major priority. But you might expect them to at least pay for a new chain that would cost pennies. But not this landlord, because he is the paper clip king!

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Clock Repair

9 – Clock

Be it a landlord, caretaker or home DIY fan. Whoever made this repair is either a genius or very tight with money. I will guess and say they are a bit of both because after all the clock does work now in a fashion.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Paper Towel Holder Repair

8 – Paper Towel Holder

Seriously! How much work could put up a new kitchen towel holder be? 2 screws? 4? Well however many it is it seems too many for this landlord that just made one from a poster tube.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Toilet Repair

7 – Toilet

Now I understand that some landlords are not flushed with cash, but when your tenant asks you to repair the toilet flush it really should be done right. Putting a bungee cord on the flush is not a solution it is a  stop-gap, cowboy style repair that ends up in lists like this.

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Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Door Repair

6 – Door Handle

I know from my own experiences that when you live in shared accommodation privacy is at a premium.  So if you have a broken door handle you would like it to be repaired as fast as possible. But when you have a landlord like this who need privacy, invaders? To be fair it did make me smile.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Bed Repair

5 – Bed Leg

It is becoming more and more popular now for rooms and houses to be rented out part of fully furnished, and so the bigger question is when it comes time to repair them who pays for it? Well, in this case, it seems the landlord is not paying for anything, other than a new jack for his car.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Shower Head Repair

4 – Shower Head

The number of images there are out there of people doing this exact same thing is just plain scary. I suppose it does work in a fashion, but when I ask for the shower to be repaired by the landlord I would expect a proper job done. not his bad DIY rubbish.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Hot Water Repair

3 – Hot Water

Not having any water to bath or shower with can be a real problem and I have had to survive for several days myself when the shower broke and I had to save up for a new one. But this landlord isn’t going to be paying our for a new boiler any-time soon, not when you have a perfectly working kettle.

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Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Handwash Repair

2 – Handwash

When you stay in Russia and complain that the hand soap dispenser has run out, do not expect a first-class repair it seems. Is a hotel owner a landlord? Well maybe, but the bad repair job is still worth sharing with you all.

Top 10 Funny Bad Landlord Repairs
Funny Landlord Thermostat Repair

1 – Thermostat

When a bunch of students moved into rented accommodation during the summertime they didn’t need the heating on. But when winter comes and it was time to warm the house up a little they soon realised that the thermostat dial was not real at all and was just glued to the wall! A very bad landlord indeed.

Author: Gus Barge

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