Ten of the Very Best Pictures of Catellite Dishes

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone’s cat but often there comes a time in a cats life when they have to wear a head cone. Some people keep their cats inside during this time which is often the best thing to do. But some people let their cats go about their daily lives only with the medical cone on, and it is often these cats that get caught on camera, and they get called…


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Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
2 Catellite Dishes

10 – “For the last time, just because there is 2 of us doesn’t give you multi-room TV!”

TIP: Grooming or brushing your cat at least once a week is not only beneficial for the cat but also gives you some much-needed 1 on 1 time with your cat. The cat will love it, and so will you.

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Funny Catellite Dish

9 – “Must…concentrate…on…contacting……others!”

TIP: Cats like to hunt and bring you things, and some people for obvious reasons don’t like their cats doing this (especially when they pray is still alive when they bring it home) but never punish or shout at a cat for doing this. The cat is bringing it home because it is for you! You wouldn’t punish a fish for swimming, so don’t punish your cat for doing what it was born to do.

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
DIY Catellite Dish

8 – “Some say I look more like a sunflower than a Catellite dish!”

TIP: Getting your cat Microchipped is normally the best way to go to make sure they are easily identifiable. Cats can often lose their collar and address tags while outside exploring.

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish Being Attacked

7 – “Its the evil Mr Vet trying to take the satellite off me to disrupt our signal to the other cats!”

TIP: Spaying/neutering your cat doesn’t have to be a sex-related thing as it can also help reduce the risk of your cat acquiring a fatal cat disease such as feline immunodeficiency virus or feline leukaemia virus.

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Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish in Window

6 – “Hey Dave, can you get….foreign channels on that thing?”

Tip: Whenever possible a kitten should stay with its mother for at least 16 weeks. The earlier the kitten is removed from its mother, the more likely it is to have behavioural problems later on in life. So let them grow up for a while then move them on in life. You wouldn’t do it with a human child so why do it with your cats?!

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish in Window

5 – “Why did you lie? You said if I sat here we could get free movie channels!”

Tip: You have regular check-ups with the doctor, so why not do the same for your cat! Making an appointment with a vets don’t have to be for a reason, use it as a general health check-up as well, that way if there are any problems in the animal’s health they might be able to pick up on it early!

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish on Grass

4 –”I was hurt when the solar signals become too strong for me to handle.”

TIP: Most people know that cats saliva containing natural deodorants and cleansing properties, but they do need a little help every now and then. Maybe a bath or sink wash is best, but do get some advice as cats will often not be happy about doing this at all.

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish Slouching

3 – “The only thing I will be picking up is singles to stay away from me!”

TIP: We all know how hard it can be to keep a cat’s litter box clean, but that is how they like it to be. In fact, if your cats starts doing its business elsewhere other than the kitty litter try changing it more often, or maybe even changing the smell it as. Odourless is best when it comes to cat trays.

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Catellite Dish on roof
Catellite Dish on roof

2 – “Get down from their Brian, you are not flight control for birds at all!”

Tip: Remember that all fat cats are made, not born. So if you do notice your kitty getting a little un-fitty maybe it is time to lower its food intake. Does he constantly have a full food bowl? Maybe limit the times of day the cat has access to it. After all, a fit kitty is a very happy kitty.

Top 10 Best Images of Catellite Dishes
Catellite Dish on roof

1 – “Move to the right, I can seem to get the sports channels!”

TIP: While cats are not sleeping or eating, they love to play with toys or explore the world around them. Therefore play toys are a great way for your cat (especially while that are a kitten) to hone its hunting skills and keep fit.

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