Ten Shop Signs That Are Clearly Lying (or Badly Placed)

The other day I was in my local corner shop and I noticed something funny. It was a sign saying “No milk” stuck on a fridge door that was full of the stuff. They had to open the door to put the milk in, so why keep the sign there? Well it seems this is not an isolated incident at all, in fact shop signs and notices lie all the time…


Top 10 Funny Shop Signs That are Clearly Lying
Sign saying open 9 days a week

10 – The long week

Did you think that weeks are starting to feel a lot longer? Well, the reason is there are now 2 more days in every week! Well, that is what this store sign say and who am I to argue with them.

No pretzels sign when their clearly is some

9 – Out of stock (if anyone asks)

Despite the sign saying they are out of stock of pretzels that is clearly not the case. Maybe it is there because the store owner wants to eat them all for themselves. Or maybe it is more of a case of “Not my Job”, whatever the reason you will come to see quite a few shops that have a problem with people buying their pretzels.

Tesco are not open 24hr

8 – Not around the clock

I have always had the same problem with Tesco saying they are 24hr when due to our silly weekend opening laws here in the UK it is only open for 6 hours a day. Well if my maths is right, that is missing 18hrs!

Sign saying if you tap in the glass it scares the ice cream

7 –Scared Cold

Well, you might get away with telling kids not to tap on the glass because it might scare the ice-cream but you are not fooling me. Not because I know it is a lie to get kids to stop tapping on the glass, but because I know ice-cream no matter what flavour it is, is tougher than that.

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Sign saying the ice is hot

6 – To hot to handle, too cold to hold.

It doesn’t matter what way you look at this it is clearly a lie because at 2.99 for a small bag of ice is a rip off no matter where you live! Clearly, this is a “Hot deal” that should have been “stone cold prices” or some spill like that.

No pretzels sign when there clearly is some

5 – The great pretzel coverup

Well, it seems once again the great pretzel lie continues. What is with them doing this? Is it really so hard to not see a large white sign when you are putting those warm tasty snacks into the machine?

The water is out of stock

4 – Desert Days

Now I am all for shops trying to sell a little more of what brings in the most profit, but telling people there is Pepsi, Root Beer and Dr Pepper but no tap water is not the way to go. It is bad enough having to buy bottled water!

Shop sign with wrong price

3 – Knockoff sale

I would not win any awards for mathematics, but even I know a bad sum when I see it. It doesn’t matter if it is the final price or the money off discount. One part of this sign is telling fibs that is for sure.

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11 chicken nuggets on box not 10

2 – Marketing Fail

This image has been going around on the social media channels for as long as I remember. But yet I still know that some places use them even these days! So is it the box lying, or the amount they are told to put into it?!

Store saying the knitting magazines are thrilling

1 – Knitting 4 Life

I am sure that to those people who make quilts themselves it is an exciting time when they are nearing completion of one, but to call the entire magazine range of quilt making “Thrilling” is just taking things to far and is clearly a lie.

Author: Gus Barge

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