Top 10 Ways Not to Install a Satellite Dish

Many people think that setting up a satellite dish is an easy task and can be done by just about anyone. But looking at these ten images it is best left to the professionals. But there are still some people who like to try to do things on the cheap…



Top 10 Ways Not to Install a Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish Installed in a Bucket

10 – The Bucket Challenge

If you’re confident with a bit of DIY, you can buy a receiver and satellite dish and install them yourself! Or you could just grow your own like this person.

Satellite Dish Installed in a Wigwam

9 – Power Source

You’ll need to run a new cable from the satellite receiver to your dish so make sure they are near the power supply to power them.

Satellite Dish Signal Booster Fail

8 – Boost and Fail

Things that can improve satellite signal without upgrading to a bigger dish are about 100% alignment not adding more metal to it!

Satellite Dish Installed on an Outdoor Toilet

7 – Perfect Placement

Make sure you are installing the dish as close to the point of connection as you can. I other words the room you might watch it the most. In this case the loo!

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Satellite Dish Badly Installed

6 – The DIY Channel

Even if you are only going to use it now and again you should try to make sure it is securely fixed to something other than chipboard.

Satellite Dish Installed on a Bicycle

5 – On Yer Bike!

If you need reasons why this is a crazy idea you need to stop installing your own satellite dishes.

Satellite Dish Installed on a Chair

4 – Satellite Seat

At least the chair is not a metal one I suppose. And no-one seems to use it to sit on.

Satellite Dish Installed on a Step Ladder

3 – Ladder Tie Off

Health and safety advice says that the satellite dish installer needs to use a ladder tie-off system. I don’t think this is what they meant.

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Satellite Dish Badly Installed

2 – The Wrap Around

One of the first things to do when installing a new satellite dish is to make sure you can place it where it needs to point!

Satellite Dish Installed on a Shopping Trolley

1 – Trolley Dash

Why pay all those expensive satellite TV install fees when all you need is a trolley to stick it on!

Author: Gus Barge

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