Ten of The Very Best Video Messaging Apps of 2021

Ten of The Very Best Video Messaging Apps of 2021

If you’re struggling to stay physically connected with your loved ones, you might just want to drop them a virtual hello! And guess what? Voice and video messaging apps make this happen. Thanks to their simple interface and easy controls, virtually connecting to your loved ones is now simpler than ever. Screen recording and voice messaging apps are equally useful for the same reason.

Choosing the best video messaging apps of 2021

But with so many excellent virtual collaboration apps, how do you even choose the right one? What are the top options that you should certainly consider? Let’s find out.

Zoom Meeting

This is probably your go-to video messaging app, thanks to its many features and functionalities. Zoom comes with a bunch of useful features like screen sharing, end-to-end encryption, and real-time annotations among others.

The caveat? Even though the company doesn’t impose limitations for video chats with up to three individuals, the people count increases from three, your chat falls under a 40-minute time limit. For full, uninterrupted access for 100 people or more, you would need to upgrade to the Pro or Business tiers.


This app has probably been in business for the longest time, and they continue to impress with their vast set of features and functionalities. Key takeaways include the ability to connect with a group of 50 people, the option to call landlines and smartphones, local and global call support, the ability to share screens, and real-time audio transcription.

The app is mostly free, though you need to upgrade to a paid plan if the number of collaborators is more than 32.


Despite being in the video messaging domain only recently, this is yet another excellent audio-video collaboration tool. It supports voice recording, video chats, screen recording, voice and video notes, and a bunch of other basic and advanced features.

With the video messaging tool Stork.ai, you can also playback audio and video notes, access recorded media and audio transcriptions, and initiate live conversations on any existing channel. The best part: if two or more people are having a live voice/video chat on Stork, any other departmental resource can pitch in and participate in the conversation.

Overall, this is an excellent app that deftly addresses all your voice and video collaboration needs.

Ten of The Very Best Video Messaging Apps of 2021

Google Duo

This is yet another voice messaging and video collaboration app that features multiple simple functionalities. For one, you can record a video of any length and send it over to your peers, colleagues, and family.

The app is also extremely easy to navigate and because it comes pre-installed in leading Android phones, you will perhaps have an easier time figuring it out.


If you are looking for a video collaboration app that is specifically tailored for gamers, this is the app to go for! The tool comes with all basic functionalities and is compatible across all operating systems. Currently, it supports 25 users on video calls and 50 users for live streams in their free plan. You can always upgrade to increase the member count.

Even though it misses out on some professional features, the app is still quite decent for connecting with your friends and family and streaming live games or events.


This app comes installed in almost all the latest generation Apple devices and it is loaded with a bunch of quirky and useful features. Currently, Facetime supports 32 individuals in their free plan. What’s more, they also come with a robust audio plan and a dedicated functionality called Share play that lets you stream videos/audio content that is already recorded.

While the app is certainly cool, we would love it if it was compatible with Android and other operating systems.

Facebook Messenger

Ideal for connecting with friends and family, this is another user-friendly app that will impress you with its robust functionalities. It supports a maximum of 50 users for free video collaboration and can be easily accessed from any web or phone browser.

Although it misses out on work-friendly features, the tool is certainly useful for free collaboration among friends and family.


Boasting end-to-end encryption, this is a popular text, video, and audio chatting platform that is tailored for friendly, informal collaborations. It currently supports free video calls for up to 50 people. However, we would love this tool even more if it supported video and audio messaging on the desktop as well.


Compatible with almost all leading operating systems, Teams is your best bet when it comes to professional audio-visual collaboration. The tool supports a whopping 100 people in their free video calling package. It also supports simple and hassle-free integration on any existing system.


While this app seems to be quite old, it has been recently revamped with a bunch of new features. The app boasts some excellent free packages, and thanks to its multi-platform compatibility, setting it up and using it is a breeze!

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you will probably use the same video messaging app that your friends, family, and peers are using- that is exactly how we go about with these things. However, if you are looking to embrace change, either of our featured options will do the trick!

Author: Gus Barge

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