10 Things You Need To Check Before Buying Air Compressor

10 Things You Need To Check Before Buying Air Compressor

Air compressor is beneficial for running tools and making home repairs smoothly. It can help you save time and effort while doing home cleaning, woodworking, and other tasks. However, there are many air compressors available on the market. So, you should consider essential factors before you buy one for your needs.

The following are the things you should check before buying an air compressor.

CFM capacity

A standard compressor with 90 PSI can deliver about 3 to 4 cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM measures the volume of the atmosphere which goes through the air compressor. It works with the PSI altering the rating. You may need a high CFM air compressor if you wish to run other tools.

PSI rating

Usually, air compressors need pounds per square inch or PSI evaluation of at least 90. So, you need to check the ratings during your purchase. More PSI is better to use if you want to use additional tools.

Size of the tank

If you run tools, choose a compressor with a motor but with a more compact tank. Bigger tanks can retain more than 30 gals of atmosphere, and smaller tanks can operate best with bigger engines.


You can choose if you’re going to use a gas-powered or electric-powered air compressor. A gas-powered air compressor is more portable, but it is not ideal in enclosed spaces since it releases fumes.

On the other hand, an electric air compressor is cleaner and can be used in a restricted space. However, you need an outlet. Choose the type of air compressor that suits your needs.


You should also check the price of the compressor before you buy it. It is highly recommended to buy an expensive product since it is likely to have better quality. Some cheaper air compressors come in poor quality. Fortunately, there are also quality units available at an affordable cost. With this, you can expect to have a high-performing air compressor without spending more of your money.

10 Things You Need To Check Before Buying Air Compressor


The HP or horsepower rating will determine what size you need for your compressor. A standard air compressor with 5 HP more can draw around 24 amps on a 220-volt circuit. The gas engine HP is different from the electric motor HP.

Duty cycle and Life expectancy

It is also necessary to know the duty cycle before purchasing your air compressor. It is measured as a percentage and reveals the number of minutes the air compressor can run out of 10 minutes.

A low-quality compressor usually comes with a 50% duty cycle, so it shouldn’t run over 5 minutes out of 10 minute periods. Most industrial air compressors come with a 75% duty cycle, and some have a high with about 100%, allowing you to run them continuously.

Another essential factor you should check for your air compressor is its life expectancy. Ask the dealer about the life expectancy of the air compressor, so it will be worth it for your time and money.

Consider your tools

You should also consider your tools as you buy an air compressor. Ask the dealer if it is compatible with your tool, so you can have efficient repair when something goes wrong in the future.

Quality and performance

The performance and quality of the air compressor are important as you buy one. With a quality product, you will not be disappointed by its performance. Make sure to avail an air compressor from a reliable brand, so it can offer a good value to your money.

Noise and Connection

Air compressors can be noisy. If noise can be an issue, you can opt for units with less noise. Some designs of air compressors are louder compared to other models. Oil-less compressors are noisier since it has a small piston and runs faster compared to an oil-lubricated piston.

Your air compressor should have enough CFM and a big tank to keep up with the needed air pressure for powering tools without over-taxing the motor. So, it is also essential to consider the electrical needs and noise levels of your air compressor.

By considering these factors, you can have an efficient and quality air compressor that can satisfy your needs.

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To sum it up, an air compressor is available in different pricing, quality, and features. You should consider the factors mentioned above to ensure that you can purchase a top-quality air compressor that will match your needs.

It is also essential to only avail air compressors from reputable brands on the market. With that, you can have a good investment for your needs and budget. Thus, you can get a high-performing air compressor that is long-lasting, versatile, and reliable.

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