Ten Latest TV Shows That Any Money Heist Fan Would Love

Ten Latest TV Shows That Any Money Heist Fan Would Love

La Casa De Papel is more of a gold heist than a money heist now but not much has changed in the show since the first season. The bullets are still flying and the entire plot is interesting to follow with no way to predict who is going to be alive in the next scene and which direction the show will take. It is nearly impossible to select one show running at the moment that would replace the show for any Money Heist fan. The fans have to wait a few more months for the final part of the show though and while you wait, these are the 10 other shows to binge on for the most exciting experience.


Assane Diop is the son of a Senegalese immigrant to France who was framed by his boss for the theft of a diamond necklace by the rich Hubert Pellegrini family. The poor man hanged himself in prison out of shame, and now Assane is on a mission to avenge his father’s death by bringing hell on the Pellegrini family. He decides to use his skills as a thief to steal from the powerful family that got his father arrested but as usual, things aren’t always going according to plan. It is the closest you will come to Money Heist when it comes to perfect heists.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a period drama based in the early 1900s Birmingham. It follows the lives of the Shelby crime family led by Tommy Shelby who pisses off Winston Churchill by stealing a shipment of arms meant for Libya. While the prime minister tasks a detective chief inspector to crack down on the gangs in Birmingham, the Shelby family only gets smarter and bigger and even goes international right under the government’s noses. Tommy Shelby even goes ahead and tries to make his way into the government by running for a political seat.

Blood & Treasure

Blood & Treasure

What is the role of antiquities in funding global terrorism? Well, the only way to find out is to watch Blood and Treasure which follows an antiquities expert working for the FBI and a thief that specializes in antiquities whose parallel lives suddenly match as they struggle to bring down a global terrorist network. Former FBI antiquities expert Danny McNamara is the guy tasked with recovering and repatriating stolen antiquities. Lexi Vaziri is the thief that finds herself in McNamara’s company once again as he seeks her help in locating a sculpture of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra which is believed to have been stolen by the global terrorist Karim Farouk.


You know, after El Professor and his gang stole all that money from The Royal Mint of Spain, the show never told us how they laundered it but Ozark may give you an idea. The show follows the lives of the Byrde family who are forced to move from Chicago to the Island to the shores of the Lake of The Ozarks to launder money for the Navarro drug cartel. The family finds itself in the crossfire of a drug war South of the US border while also fighting with criminals that operate in the Ozarks who are not comfortable with the competition the launderer brings to their shores. Marty Byrde also has to convince the FBI that he is a legitimate financier to remain relevant to his brutal employers and the whole saga gets more interesting with each episode.

Killing Eve

Raquel Murillo was tasked with catching El Professor but ended up discovering disturbing information about her employers and falling in love with the very man she was supposed to bring down. That is exactly what happened to Eve Polastri who was bored by her job with MI5 and decided o join an MI6 task force hunting down a female assassin named Villanelle. When Eve finally meets Villanelle, the two develop a liking for one another despite the opposite sides they work for. They later discover that their employers are not that distant as they imagined though.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

This is one of the longest-running crime dramas on NBC following the life of Raymond Reddington, an international fugitive who is at the top of the FBI’s most-wanted list. Reddington surrenders to the FBI but makes a deal that sees him help an FBI task force bring down criminals worse than him while he expands his own criminal empire which does a lot more than just heists. It turns out that the FBI’S most wanted man may be a saint despite his dark past and the government may have worse enemies than people who trade in national secrets and steal currency printing blueprints.

Gangs Of London

This is London’s version of Money Heist although there are more bullets flying around than money being stolen. On the surface, Finn Wallace was the CEO of the powerful Wallace corporation which constructs high-rise buildings in London but it is just a front used by criminal gangs to run their operations and clean money in London.

When Finn Wallace dies mysteriously, a gap is created that pitches some of the most feared gangs in London against each other and the darkest parts of London’s underground crime life comes to light. It also emerges that the people who were actually running the Wallace corporation are more powerful than anything the gang leaders could handle and they are just not willing to bow down to authority.

Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo

This is another Spanish show that Money Heist fans see as a minor replica of La Cas De Papel. It follows the lives of three girls held hostage by Romeo, a Spanish pimp. Coral, Gina and Wendy go on a rampage after injuring their pimp and causing his manager to be killed in a road accident. However, to get their financial freedom, they have to come back and rob the same evil pimp. They also have to escape from Romeo’s henchmen and it happens that Coral is romantically involved with both Romeo and his head henchman.

Who Killed Sara?

Sara died on a Jet Ski whose ropes were cut by unknown persons causing her innocent brother Alex Guzman to go to prison for 18 years for her murder. When he gets out of prison, he decides to find his sister’s real killers whom he assumes are the powerful Lazcanos family who lied to him causing him to take the fall and suffer for the murder. The Lazcanos family has many faults but killing Sara is not one of their faults. This show explores the depths of sacrifice people make for family and just how far down a person can go once they start off down the wrong road just like it is in Money Heist.


Alex Godman was born and raised in London and lived his entire life preparing for a typical 5 to 9 lifestyle which he achieves when he lands a job in the banking sector. His father is the head of the Russian mafia who is looking to get out of the life of crime and make an honest living. Alex finds himself in a tight spot as he is required to choose between his soul and his family and as he enters the world of criminals, he realizes that the veil between what is legal and what is not is very thin when it comes to banking.

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