Ten of The Latest TV Shows Game Of Thrones Fans Will Love

Ten of The Latest TV Shows Game Of Thrones Fans Will Love

HBO announced that the first 10 episodes of House Of The Dragon will air sometime in 2022 which was a welcome announcement to the millions of fans worldwide who miss Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones was obviously the beginning of a new franchise of film that will be around for a long time and the series remains unmatched by most of its rivals. As you wait for House Of The Dragon, there are still lots of epic series currently available with nearly similar thrill and drama as Game of Thrones that you could binge on and these 10 will be a great place to start.


The reign of the great Augustus Caesar is regarded as the best leadership in the entire history of Rome with the empire enjoying peace and power like never before and never after. Most of the stories about Caesar Augustus’ rule only give credit to him and no one focuses on his wife Livia Drusilla. Domina follows the events in Ancient Rome since the assassination of Julius Caesar to the rise and dominance of his successor Augustus Caesar from the eyes of his wife Livia and her slave and friend Antigone. It is one of the most thrilling historical political dramas you will see.

The Last Kingdom

How did the kingdom of Wessex survive the Danish invasion that led to the collapse of all the neighbouring kingdoms of England to the Danes? Well according to this series based on Bernard Cornwell’s book, Wessex had a weapon in a man called Uhtred of Babenberg. Uhtred had his inheritance taken away from him by his uncle. In a bid to get his inheritance back, he sought the help of king Alfred the Great of Wessex who promised to help him regain his lands if he would help Wessex defeat the Danes. Uhtred who was raised by a Dane father is torn between his Saxon roots and the Dane family and therefore seeks a diplomatic approach to achieve a united England where Danes and Saxons live in peace.

The Crown

The Crown

The British royal family is one of the longest-serving monarchies in the world with Queen Elizabeth II being its longest-serving crown bearer. The reign of Elizabeth II hasn’t been as tumultuous as the events in Game of Thrones but it has been eventful and definitely interesting. The crown follows the events in the British political timeline since the marriage of Elizabeth II to Prince Philip to her rule in the 21st century. The series covers the tenures of the many prime ministers that have served under the queen including Margret Thatcher. It tries to display how a monarchy can survive in a changing world in one of the most powerful nations in the world.


Apple TV+ announced that See will be here for some time after renewing it for a third season on the back of the second one that had been delayed due to the pandemic. The show stars Jason Momoa as Baba Voss, the protective father of two sighted children in a world where all human beings are blind. The action-filled drama is full of political manoeuvres and, backstabbing and violence just like Game of thrones. Love and compassion are not scarce in the show either and any Game of Thrones fan will definitely love it.

The Nevers

In the late 1890s of Victorian London, a group of women find themselves with powers that could change humanity forever. Amalia True, a widow with powers herself runs an orphanage where the people with these abilities who come to be known as The Touched can live without persecution. It becomes clear that the rest of the world is not the only thing the touched should be afraid of since some touched are not as innocent as you might expect. It turns into a survival war just like in Game of Thrones where only the strongest and the smartest can survive whether in the sanctuary of The Touched or out of it.

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time

The wheel of Time was expected to be the next Game of Thrones after it was revealed that Amazon invested heavily in the production hoping to make it greater than the latter. The show based on Robert Jordan’s book series follows the journey of Moraine Aes Sedai, a powerful sisterhood comprised of women that can use magic. Their mission is to seek and manage The Dragon, a person that is expected to either burn down or save the world. Moraine and her sisterhood are up against stronger enemies who are also seeking the Dragon for their own benefit.

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) is a powerful hunter and a member of a monster-hunting order known a Witchers. He finds himself in the middle of human conflict as humans seek to wipe each other out in the fantasy world known as The Continent. Geralt is forced to pick a side with friends he meets along the way with the most powerful of all being Yennefer. It has been rated by many as a better competitor to Game of Thrones compared to The Wheel of Tim with the second and third season of the series being one of the most anticipated shows in 2022.

The Outpost

This is another fictional series that has a lot to do with how differences in race and tribes can wreak havoc on a planet just like in GOT. It follows the journey of a Blackblood girl named Talon whose entire race is nearly wiped out by mercenaries sent by the ruling government on the planet known as The Three. She finds refuge in a rebel stronghold at the edge of civilization known as the outpost from where she plays a huge role in bringing peace and sanity back to a broken world.



Most of Game of Thrones was about “surviving the longest winter in history,” which according to most Maesters was supposed to bring the dead with it and thus the end of humanity. Foundation has a similar approach but in this case, the predictions of doom are made by the greatest mathematician alive Hari Seldon. Gaal Dornick, another smart young mathematician agrees with Seldon’s prediction but the Galactic Empire which rules all the planets detains them and sends them into exile for treason. When the fall finally begins, the smart mathematicians resort to building a repository of knowledge that surviving humans will use to rebuild civilization after the fall but gathering that knowledge while hunted down by the empire is no easy task.


Outlander gained popularity immediately after its first season in 2014 just around the same time that GOT season 4 was released. Unlike GOT whose book series was slower than film production, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series has kept up with the show which is why a sixth and seventh season is in production with more expected to come. The series follows the life of Claire Randal, a nurse who is able to portal through time at the stones of Craigh na Dun and find herself in the heart of the Jacobite uprising. Her life takes different twists as she goes back and forth between the centuries trying to keep her two families separated by time alive.

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