Top 10 of the Most Played Instruments in the World

There are tons of instruments in the world. They all give a unique sound and are used in different genres and musical styles. Because of the huge variety and use in different cultures, it’s hard to determine which instruments are the most played around the globe. However, it can be narrowed down to some of the most used ones. Read on to find out which they are!

The Piano

The piano has been around since the 1700s and is the most played instrument in the world. It has over 300 years of history and it’s the only instrument that can be found everywhere, even on a crowded bus or train!

Top 10 of the Most Played Instruments in the World

It’s really something to think about when you’re thinking about learning an instrument since its clear sound can be incorporated into different music. When you run out of ideas on what to play, you can simply download some piano sheet music for sale and practice until perfection. There will never be new music for you to play unless the song is written for the piano!

The most popular songs to play on the piano are pop and classical music, but there’s also modern jazz. All you need to know how it works with a piano is some chords such as C major or G minor.

The Guitar

One of the most beloved sounds and most played instruments in the world, the guitar is a staple for many genres of music from rock to hip hop. The most famous type of this instrument will always be acoustic but there are also electric guitars that have become very popular over the years as well. Here are the genres where it’s most frequently used:

  • rock
  • punk
  • metal
  • pop
  • jazz fusion
  • folk
  • classical

Since its creation, it has evolved from the simple Spanish guitar all the way to the electric one that you can hear today. Today, it’s used in most popular songs and genres and has been an integral part of the best-selling albums of all time.

Bass Guitar

Bas has become an integral part of most music genres. The most played instrument in the world is the bass guitar that has been used by both beginners and professionals alike, regardless of their genre preferences or style choices. Although there are several types of guitars available on the market today, the most common one is a four-stringed electric variety. It can be either fretted or fretless depending on what its user prefers to play with it during live concerts or studio recordings.


The rhythm section is just as important as the melody, lyrics, and vocals in most songs. So it is no wonder that drums are one of our most played instruments! Like the others, there are various types and sizes of drums and they can be used in different ways.

Drums are most often played with drumsticks, but you might also use brushes or even mallets when playing some kinds of drums. As most people know, the most common types of drums are snare drums (used for beats), bass drums (which create most of a song’s rhythm), and tom-toms (played by hand).

The Violin

An essential classical instrument, the violin is one of the hardest ones to learn to play. In the most played instruments list, it is one of the most chosen ones to learn, right after piano and guitar.

The violin has a high-pitched sound that can be heard from far away, making it perfect for orchestras or string quartets in which multiple violins are used. It was originally intended for solos but nowadays its use varies widely since its creation in 15th century Italy. The strings have been made out of catgut up until recently when they started using steel wire instead due to their durability. However, some purists still prefer the classic material because they consider it delivers a better tone quality overall.

The Cello

No string quartet is complete without the Cello. It is a very popular stringed instrument in classical music, and it’s played by nearly every orchestra around the world.

It adds a tenor voice to the ensemble, most commonly taking on the role of the second viola. The cello is a very easy instrument to learn and play because it has only four strings instead of six like most stringed instruments have.

The Saxophone

The saxophone gives one of the best sounds you can hear in the world. It has been used in jazz, rock, classical, and other genres around the world and has been around for decades.

The saxophone was developed by Adolphe Sax, who lived from 1814 to 1894. He wanted his instrument to be used throughout Europe so it would become more popular than what they were at that time: brass or woodwind instruments such as trumpets or clarinets. The sound of the saxophone sounded like no other which made people interested in buying one themselves and start playing it everywhere you could think of!


Probably the most recognizable brass instrument in most popular music, the trumpet is a staple in many genres. It’s most at home in jazz and classical settings but has also been adapted to rock, country, blues, and more. Trumpet parts are most often found as simple melodies or harmonies that sit on top of other accompaniments. The harder-hitting lead trumpet player may take a featured solo or two, most often in the bridge of a song.


The accordion is one of the most fun and most played instruments in the world and it is no surprise that players everywhere take pride in their ability to play it. They come in different types such as box, piano or button styles. The most popular type of accordion though is a keyboard style which consists of two rows (or keyboards) with buttons on each row for pressing down notes. The most popular player in the world is probably Wierd Al Yankovic.


The clarinet is used most often in concert bands and orchestras, as most orchestral compositions are composed with clarinets. However, it is also used as a solo instrument as well. Mozart’s most famous clarinet composition is the “Clarinet Concerto”. The number of people who play a wind instrument other than a clarinet has been declining since the 1930s, but there are still over 100 different types of clarinets that can be found today.

Top 10 of the Most Played Instruments in the World

Everyone loves music, but there are instruments that are more commonly used than others. The piano and guitar have been the most popular for a long long time. Rock music made the bass guitar and drums popular while the violin and cello are integral parts of string quartets. Bras instruments like the saxophone or trumpet are universally loved, and the accordion is very fun to play and listen to. Finally, a clarinet is a very frequent part of classical composition and can be played solo as well!

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