Top 10 Nerdy, Geeky and Unusual Wristwatches

While most people wear smart watches or just use their phones for the time, there are still people who love a nice wristwatch to show off their love for a particular TV program or style. These watches are for the nerdy, geeky hipsters out there that still look at their wrists for the time…


Higgs Boson Wristwatch
Higgs Boson Wristwatch

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While the Large Hadron Collider has yet to prove that the Higgs Boson exists, this wristwatch most certainly does.

Monty Python Wristwatch

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The Ministry Of Silly Walks was a very popular sketch from the Monty Python comedy series and now it’s a crazy watch that every fan would love.

Legend of Zelda Wristwatch

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Sure you can give someone a piece of heart, but giving them one of these is like giving them a whole heart!

Star Wars R2-D2 Collectors Watch

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For all those Star Wars fans constantly looking at the time until the next Star Wars film is released comes a true collector’s item!

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Boombox Wristwatch

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For all those hipsters that still walk around with a beatbox on their shoulders, this is the banging beats watch for you (it doesn’t really lay music).

Snake Dial Wristwatch

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This super stylish snake style wristwatch is sure to get you to bite and buy it. Plus it’s not all looks, it’s got a lot of features as well.

Rilakkuma Smart Canvas Wristwatch

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Do you find that crazy Rilakkuma Bear relaxing? Then why not get one of these watches and see how much time you have spare to relax with him!

Classic Arcade Wristwatch

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You won’t need a pocket full of coins to get this arcade machine working, just look at it and it will tell you the time. Shame it doesn’t really play and retro games.

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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

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If Doc Brown wanted to ditch the DeLorean, this might well be what he comes up with. Watches? Where we are going we don’t need watches. Not quite as good is it, but still a cool looking watch.

Tesla Wristwatch

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Good old Tesla invented all sorts of things, but the humble wristwatch wasn’t one of them. But if he had, this is probably what it could have looked like!

Author: Gus Barge

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