Top 10 Poker Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

So you have been playing poker for years now and pretty much know it all. But I guarantee that there will be at least one of these facts you have never heard of before. Some are silly, some are interesting and they are all about poker…


Longest Game
Longest Game

10 – Longest Game

While it is often disputed the longest game of poker ever played lasted almost ten years! The ‘Bird Cage tournament’ was only small but is said to have only carried on when all the players had the same time off work meaning it took a long time to finish it.

Not the Full Deck

9 – Not the Full Deck

While most people will play poker with all 52 playing cards the origins of poker was played with a deck of only 20 cards! It wasn’t for almost 100 years later that it established itself as a 52 card game.

The Big Winner

8 – The Big Winner

More money is won by poker players online than any other game. And that included national and international lotteries. It helps that it is so popular and comes in so many forms like video pokies and live feeds, but it’s still an interesting fact.

No True Origins

7 – No True Origins

While many people have looked into the history of it and found various games that are similar to the modern game, no-one knows for sure how it started but it is thought to be over a thousand years old.

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First TV Game

6 – First TV Game

The first ever game of poker that was televised was way back in 1973 on CBS Sports. These days of course, there are dedicated channels to poker running 24/7.

Tell Tale Signs

5 – Tell Tale Signs

In a survey of professional poker players, it was discovered that leaning forward or backwards is the most common indication that a player has a strong hand.

A Dirty Game

4 – A Dirty Game

While some people have various lucky keyrings and rabbit’s feet, the most common superstitious item if clothes and over 68% of professional poker players have at least one item of dirty clothing on at all times during play.

Dust Not Chips

3 – Dust Not Chips

For over 380 years the first games of poker were played with bags of gold dust rather than chips as gambling tools with a pinch of gold dust being raised each time.

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Not All About Poker

2 – Not All About Poker

Of the 205 million packs of 52 decked playing cards sold every year, it is thought that less than 5 percent are used to play poker! Makes you wonder where all the rest of them go!

Lack of Trust

1 – Lack of Trust

In a survey of online poker players, over 72% of them believed there was a way to hack the game/website/app so another player (or the dealer, or the owner of the website/app) could see their cards! But the truth is most established online poker sites are very safe and regulated 24 hours a day, all year round.

Author: Gus Barge

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