Ten of the Very Best Car Decals and Stickers Money Can Buy

Growing up I realised that car window stickers are not just cheap souvenirs of places, but a badge of honour! It showed how well travelled the car was, from beach towns, cities, theme parks and zoos, if you had a sticker from all of them people respected you. OK, maybe not respect you, but they knew you were well travelled. But things have changed and these days a car sticker is something to make other drivers smile…



Peeking Evil Monster Car Decal Sticker
Peeking Evil Monster Car Decal Sticker

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With stickers being able to feature true see-through backing nowadays you can get some rather amazing car stickers, and this peeking monster one would certainly make me smile if I was driving behind it!

Wagging Tail Car Decal Sticker

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Having seen one of these myself, I can tell you that it did indeed make me laugh, and now you can make the driver behind the smile as well with a happy wagging tail animal car sticker!

Tardis Car Decal Sticker

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While it might be a cheap joke and maybe it just isn’t that funny! But I still love it and if I was driving behind this vehicle it sure would make me laugh, of that, I can promise you.

Red Lips Car Decal Sticker

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I will own up to the fact that I did once kiss a car, it was a Ferrari F40 if that helps! But confessions aside I think this would certainly make someone smile even if it’s just me!

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Poo Car Decal Sticker

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We have all been there! And now you might get some leverage if you get caught speeding with this rather funny car window sticker. Let’s hope you don’t need the “Need clean pants” sticker on your next car trip.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Car Decal

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For some reason, people really do think that one day Zombies will start attacking everyone! While I don’t believe that I do like the whole Walking dead, Zombie stories and films, so I see this sticker as a bit of fun and something that is sure to make other drivers smile.

Lego Head Family Car Decal Sticker

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Why not do the 2.4 kids thing and have a Lego family car decal sticker! They don’t cost that much and they are sure to make someone smile even if it is your own family!

Slide to unlock Car Decal Sticker

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Well, that isn’t really true, you still need to unlock the door with your key, but this slide to unlock car decal is sure to not only get some smiles but also sure to get some people try it as well! This would make a great gift for any I-Phone fan.

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Mustache Car Decal Sticker

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Are you supporting Movember? Well, why not get a caterpillar lip for your car as well! Although I suspect it will only look good on white cars it still looks very funny indeed.

Star Wars Car Decal Sticker

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When I was growing up I could only dream of having a car that looks like this, but these days it is just a matter of applying some sticky back vehicle graphics! Sure this is a little expensive, but the nerd in me had to make it number 1.

Author: Gus Barge

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