Ten Novelty and Unusual Toilet Brushes You Can Buy Right Now

The other day my friend was telling me how his girlfriend got mad at him because he got her a novelty toilet brush for her birthday! While trying to be diplomatic, I also wanted to explain the art of romance and indeed gift giving. But his own stupidity got me wondering what other, unusual toilet brushes there are for sale, and so this post is inspired by his bad gift giving…


Top 10 Unusual Toilet Brushes
Boot Toilet Brush Holder

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Sometimes it is not so much the toilet brush that is amazing, more the holder or it. But this is a one-off set owned by the self-proclaimed’The Shoe Lady,’or by her real name Darlene Flynn

Super Spy Toilet Brush Gun

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Want men to do a dirty job? Then make it into a gun shape and we will do almost anything! Well, that is what advertisers would like you to think anyway. …but it does look cool.

Head of state bowl buddy

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Very much American satire, you can clean your bowl with George Bush, Hillary Clinton and many other heads of state. Weird if you ask me, but very unusual none the less.

KaKaK Toilet Brush

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The…”appropriate” shape of the KaKaK toilet brush is what sets it above the rest. Designed in 2012 by Jordi Pla they are sure to get double looks as people see them.

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Cactus Toilet Brush

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There is just something fun and cartoon looking about the toilet brush set. Maybe I have seen too many cactus plants rush pass  in road runner cartoons, but whatever the reason is I do like it, at worst it would make people smile as they walked into the restroom./

Royal Flush Loo Brush

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This kind of appropriate because here in the UK we often call our toilets out “thrones”, so as we sit on our own personal thrones we can look down and know that our royal guards are ready for action should they need to.

Cherry Loo Brush

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I have been in many a fruit themed and indeed fruit smelling toilet, so why not have a fruit themed toilet brush in there as well! Simple design really, but it looks great and would not look out of place in most bathrooms.

Jumbo Toothbrush Toilet Brush

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I have heard many a horror story of crazy men and women using their partner’s toothbrush to clean the toilet and then not tell them. But this one is massive and its designed to clean the bowl. But that is probably not the revenge those sorts of people were looking for.

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Clean as a Whistle Bathroom Brush

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Looking like a simple bird on a telephone pole is that rather creative toilet brush that is sure to get bird lovers and nature enthusiasts reaching for their wallets.

Large Gothic Skull Toilet Brush & Holder

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If you are decorating for Halloween or have a slightly eccentric household this might be the one for you. I chose this as my number one for the sheer detail alone.

Author: Gus Barge

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