Ten Weird and Unusual Uses of LED’s You Won’t Believe Are Real

I will admit that at first I loved all things relating to LED technology. From fancy light bulbs, to cool TV’s. But nowadays these light-emitting diodes seem to get just about everywhere! So I thought I would show you what I mean by bringing together…


Top 10 Weird and Unusual Uses of LEDs
LED Tablecloth

10 – Dinner for Blue

This could be the perfect mood setter. Just imagine a romantic dinner for 2, no candles needed because the entire tablecloth lights up! There is a white LED tablecloth as well, but I think the blue one is much nicer.

Lumadot LED Umbrella

9 – Under the Weather

I am not so sure there is a general use for a LED umbrella or Parasol, but it does look cool at night and if you needed to see where you are walking as well as holding an umbrella I suppose there is a point to it.

LED Tail Lights for Horses

8 – Horse Blinkers

This might look weird, and strangely amazing, but there is a very important safety aspect behind them as they prevent nighttime horse riders from being hit by cars, in fact, stats say that these have already saved lives of both horse and rider!

LED Earrings

7 – Earlight

Just the fact that you can get a LED earring goes to show how small and how far these LED’s have come. Just pop the battery into the back of the stud, and the crystal will light up! These would be amazing at a darkly light ball, or disco.

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LED Wallpaper

6 – Light DIY

I remember reading and indeed seeing this LED wallpaper a few years ago and it seems to have not only gone from strength to style but is now also available to the general public! Imagine wrapping presents with this, or maybe some mod-podge style DIY makeover.

LED Wedding Dress

5 – Light up the bride

This stunning dress by CuteCircuit features over 10,000 embroidered LEDs and offers various mood lighting and effects. These days people want more and more elaborate weddings, so I can really see this style taking off.

LED Sofa

4 – Sit on it

Once again this LED sofa leaves me wondering if it will just get too hot to sit on? Well, I don’t know, what I do know is that this type of furniture is very expensive and is often hired out for parties and events rather than being located solely in the homes of the rich and famous.

LED Shoelace

3 – Knot Light Enough

If you are going out clubbing, or just want to look great at the office party, you could do a lot worse than get these light up shoelaces! Made it lengths, styles and colours to suit everyone they are sure to be a good talking point, and keep you safe while jogging at night!

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LED-laced eyelashes

2 – Flutter Lights

With the same effect that was often seen in 90’s sci-fi movies comes these weird LED eyelashes.  They might not be for sale to the general public just yet, but it is only a matter of time.

LED Pillow and Sheet

1 – Bed Time Light

Now, this is one amazing looking bed that is for sure, but wouldn’t it get really hot? Well, maybe you could just have it on for a while, or during those cold winter nights. But apparently, it is super smooth as the LEDs are almost nano in size.

Author: Gus Barge

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