Ten Strange and Unusual Types of Bananas You Won’t Believe Are Real

Last week it was unusual Strawberries, and this week we are going to take a look at the minions favourite snack. The humble banana has been eaten by monkeys and I presume us for millions of years and so it goes without saying that over that time they have separated and grown into some rather unusual types and colours…


Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Wild Banana

10 – Uncultivated

So what is so unusual about this banana? Well nothing, in fact, this is what a real banana looks like, seeds and all. It is just that all the cultivated fruit we eat is nearly always unseeded and therefore has more fruit flesh inside them. This one whoever is a wild, natural one.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Orange Banana

9 – Orange

Sadly this is another off-shoot of the common yellow banana and doesn’t taste of oranges at all. But if you are looking for something unusual to put into your fruit bowl this might just do it.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Kluay Bananas

8 – Kluay

Think you have a big banana in your fruit bowl? Well, time to think again because these are Kluay bananas (Or Rhino Bananas) and while the flesh inside it not as dense as the ones most of us eat, they are still the world’s longest variety of banana growing to an average 14 inches long!

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Señorita Bananas

7 – Señorita

I thought it was best to go from the world’s biggest banana to the world’s smallest variety. Called a Señorita banana it really is tiny being about 1-2 inches.

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Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Ae Ae Bananas

6 – Ae Ae

This is no GM fruit breed, this is called an Ae AE Banana and while it might taste the same as a common yellow one, it is green and yellow striped, then later on yellow and light yellow striped! So why have you not seen them in the shops? Because they have a slightly bitter taste and as rare and rare gets, plus notoriously difficult to grow.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Green Bananas

5 – Green

Green is the colour banana for many of us that represent that it is not quite ripe yet. But like the other end of the scale that you will see next, there are some people that only eat green bananas.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Black Bananas

4 – Black

There are some people that say the black banana is the best way to eat one! In fact, some even say that the black colour is a sign that the banana is at it ripest! Well, I think I will stick to yellow myself.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Pink Bananas

3 – Pink

Not only are pink bananas real, but you can also buy seeds and grow your own!  Much smaller than the yellow common ones, they apparently still taste the same. Well, I want to try one anyway!

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Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Blue Bananas

2 – Blue

I am afraid to say that I am still not 100% convinced that these are real. Some websites say they are just GM fruit crops, and others say it is photoshopped fun. But part of me really wants them to be real, so I thought I would include them anyway.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Bananas
Red Bananas

1 – Red

Much sweeter than its normal yellow family members, this raspberry tasting banana is actually better for you than yellow ones because it contains almost 10 times the amount of potassium! So it really does seem that red is the new yellow.

Author: Gus Barge

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