Ten Pictures of Poodle Doodles (Art on Poodle Dogs)

Now I know we have already had an art post yesterday, but sometimes you come across something so weird that you have to show it to people. Well, that is what brings us here today because I have discovered an internet fad that fuses art with pets.  It is Called Poodle Doodles and it is just about as weird as the internet gets…


Top 10 Best Images of Poodle Doodles
Poodle Art of a Camel

10 – His name is humphrey

Looking like an extra from the desert scenes of a movie is this poodle doodle that really shows how amazing people can be with a bit of fur and a placid poodle willing to let them art attack them.

Poodle Art of a Peacock

9 – Birds of a Woofer

There will be people who think that this is being cruel to the animals, but that is simply not true! These breeds of poodles and like sheep and need to be sheared every year to keep them cool, so is it really so bad that they get a few hours pampering and affection in exchange for entering an art competition? I don’t think so.

Poodle Art of Bison

8 – Wild Poodles

There might not be many colours used with this one, or even that much fur trimming needed. But it really looks exactly like a Bison! Given that the Poodle had brown fur in the first place, this was always going to be a winner.

Poodle Art of Madagascar

7 – Poodle Crack-a-lacking.

Why not do an entire poodle doodle based on your favourite film! This one featuring the Lion, Giraffe and Zebra from the very funny Madagascar film is a little weird if you ask me, but very creative none the less.

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Poodle Art of Ghosts

6 – Halloween Howlers

Much like the next one you will see as well, this is the perfect Poodle Doodle for Halloween. With Ghosts on the legs and a pumpkin body it is a real winner. Imagine walking around with this while trick or treating!

Poodle Art of a Zombie

5 – The Walking Doodle

With a rather brutal, but yet also very creative style of a Zombie, this is one amazing poodle doodle. Being a fan of the walking dead I was always going to enjoy this one, and to be fair it is very well done indeed.

Poodle Art of a Dragon

4 – Dragon Dog

Living in Wales I always appreciate seeing something Dragon based, so this poodle dragon doodle (try saying that after a few pints!) gets my vote. I wonder what style paint/spray they use to get the colours onto the dogs?!?

Poodle Art of Ninja Turtles

3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodles

While it was amazingly well done, I think this one looks like a fake dog! I know it is real but just looks fake somehow. But just the fact that the owner got the shell, headband and turtle shoes on means I have to give credit where credit is due.

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Poodle Art of Pacman

2 – Pac Poodle

Yes, it really is a Pacman retro video game style art done on a poodle! Only myself as a nerd could have found this one, and it is not a bad example of poodle doodles at all. There are entire shows and prizes to be won by doing these, but I just hope the dogs gets treats if they win or lose.

Poodle Art of the Muppets

1 – The Muppets

With Gonzo on his tail, Kermit on his leg and a head like Animal this really is all the main stars of the Muppet show all done on one single Poodle work of art!” This one as with all of them I think is fine, as long as the dog is not being hurt or upset, which they all seem to be OK. After all, I would imagine they get several hours of brushing and fussing out of it!

Author: Gus Barge

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