Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Germany

Western Europe is full of great countries to visit, but Germany is top of most people’s lists. Despite its own history, it is a very inviting country and always welcomes tourists with respect. It is also home to some rather unusual traditions and even stranger buildings…



Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Germany
Kunsthofpassage Funnel Wall

10 – Dresden

Art with drains is not something you would normally go out of your way to see, but this one turns the rain into music!

The World’s Narrowest Alleyway

9 – Reutlingen

It’s not for everyone, but if you like tight spaces you will love walking (or shuffling) down the world’s thinnest alleyway.

The Bierpinsel

8 – Berlin

It might look like a space station, but once upon a time, this was a nightclub! Sadly it has not closed down and it maintained for street artists to decorate.


7 – Wannsee

Also known as “Peacock Island” this island is found on the River Havel and is home to this stunning two-towered white castle that is connected at the top by a medieval-styled bridge!

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The Bavarian Forest National Park

6 – Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte

Featuring the world’s longest and tallest treetop walk, it is only for fittest of people to do. But you could always stay at the bottom and look up!

The Rizzi House

5 – Braunschweig

If you like your buildings colourful and wacky you will love the Rizzi House. It is named in honour of artist James Rizzi, who painted the house in this cartoon style way.

Upside Down House

4 – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

In a topsy-turvy world, a turvy-topsy house makes perfect sense! Even the things on the outside porch are upside down!

Futuro House

3 – Niedernhausen

This UFO style house is very 60’s in style. I could just imagine this house being used in old Sci-fi shows like Lost in Space.

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2 – Darmstadt

The Waldspirale is a residential building whose name translates into ” forest spiral”!

Wuppertal Suspension Railway

1 – Wuppertal

One of only 2 sky trains in the world and this one is still used to ferry people about. It’s quick and there are lots of things to see along the way.

Author: Gus Barge

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