Ten Unusual Flavours of Twix You Won’t See in the Shops Anytime Soon

It has always had some rather amusing and creative ads and best of all is that you get 2 of them, not just one. I am of course talking about the 2 finger chocolate bar Twix. But there are no ordinary, run of the mill snack bars here because this is…


Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
100 Calorie Diet Twix

10 – Just 100

Why do several snack bars have diet versions like this that are only 100 calories.  I mean, why not 500 calories, or only 10 calories, what is so special about 100 of them? Well, whatever the reason the facts that these are basically a diet Twix.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Chocolate cookie and Peanut Butter Twix

9 – CC + PB

A little bit of a mash up this one with both chocolate cookie and peanut butter tastes I am sure it is not too bad at all. This is still around today in America, but the rest of us in the world are yet to get a look in. But then there is always imports, and this might be a taste that is worth the effort.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Twix Fino

8 – Fino? Nah, I’ve just begun!

This wafer style bar launched in September 2010 to a fair bit of controversy over its nutritional claims. It was believed to be low in calories, but it turned out that it was just as fattening as a full Twix!

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Coffee flavoured Twix

7 – Java for 2

It seems most marketing firms try and knock out some sort of coffee flavoured snack, and Twix is no different. I would love to try this even if it was only once, but sadly they are no longer for sale and were only sold for 3 months while on trial in America. So it seems people didn’t like them, because production soon stopped.

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Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Orange Twix

6 – Fruity Twixi

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a family favourite of ours so maybe this ultra-rare orange Twix would be a new favourite as well. I couldn’t seem to find any post that reviews that it tastes like so for now it will have to remain a mystery.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Twix Mint Slice

5 – The cool 2

I have never tried this myself but apparently, this was a taste sensation! But it could not have been that good because Mars stopped making it only a few months after it was launched. Maybe the cool mint taste was not a good mix with the biscuit base, or maybe it just really did taste nice, but the marketing department hated it.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Gingerbread Twix

4 – The Twix of Small Men

There is often seasonal style wrappers that Mars and Twix have, but this is a seasonal flavour! Mostly normal but with a gingerbread base it is apparently a nice combination of flavours. Sadly it never come in the normal 2 bar style flavour, only ever the fun packs. But still worth a trying to find some I think.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Twix White

3 – The Doppelgänger

White chocolate is one of those things people either love or hate. I’m personally am a fan of it and so I would love to try this white chocolate one that is apparently available worldwide. But it is definitely one of the more unusual ones you will see that is for sure.

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Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Twix Topix Macchiato

2 – The Coffee Effect…again.

The Topix style of Twix was basically the Wafer bar replacing biscuit style like those Fino ones, only the Topix came in 3 flavours: Milk Cream, Macchiato and Creamy Caramel. But out of all of them this Macchiato one sounds the most unusual tasting.

Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Twix
Twix Coconut Flavour

1 – The shy Twix

If you were wondering what this tastes like you are not alone. Not to give too much away apparently the taste is a little fake. But it is well worth a read and great post to finish this top 10 off with.

Author: Gus Barge

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