Ten Mobility Scooters That Have Been Given a Fun Makeover

To some they are a life line to the local community that might otherwise mean they have to stay in the house. To some people they offer them the freedom to live their lives again and be independent. But to some they are canvases, just waiting to be updated, upgraded and generally modified beyond recognition. I am talking about mobility scooters and here are 10 very unusual ones indeed…


Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Mobility scooter modified with speakers

10 – The Beats keep Moving

There is something very gangster about these modified mobility scooters. With 2 massive speakers, they are basically ride on sound systems! I have to admit it does bring a smile to the face, but if they passed me in the shopping mall blasting out their music I might not be so happy to see them.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Mobility scooter pimped

9 – Pimp my Ride on

At 72-years of age, video game fan Harold Churchill is rather old, and a very avid silver gamer. The thing is he won a competition to get his “ride” pimped, and just because he had a mobility scooter, doesn’t mean it didn’t get the makeover treatment, to rather comical effect.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
8 Wheeled Mobility scooter

8 – Quad Core 8

With 8 wheel drive, only the lunatics of Top Gear (A UK car show) could come up with such a beast. I got to see this for myself when they came to Wales to film and it wasn’t exactly manoeuvrable. But it sure did make me and everyone else smile.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Segway Mobility scooter

7 – Pod Life

This futuristic Segway-style mobility scooter was seen at a Shanghai Expo and was billed as the future of personalised mobility scooters. Just the fact that it has a roof makes it stand out from the rest. I doesn’t know if they will catch on, but I personally would love to drive one!

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Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Lady Penelope’s Rolls Royce Mobility scooter

6 – F.A.B!

If like me you are old enough to remember Thunderbirds you will instantly know this is Lady Penelope’s Rolls Royce. Maybe by Brian Vann, 74 he looks as happy driving it as I would be! Although it has to be said how much Lady Penelope has let herself go.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Stallion Mobility Scooter

5 – Stallion Mobility Scooter

If you liked going to renaissance fairs and then were sadly resigned to a mobility scooter you might well do anything to get back in the game. And that is what this person has done. This impressive costume looks good and is a great use of the mobility scooters shape and length.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Ferrari Mobility Scooter

4 – Super Scooter

Most of us Alpha males would love to own a sports car when we are older, but don’t think you have missed the boat just because the only thing you can drive about on is a mobility scooter! Made by Reg Skelton it is a master-class of design and if Ferrari ever did make a mobility scooter, this is probably what it would look like!

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Toilet Mobility Scooter

3 – Go while on the go

Sadly the truth is as you get older your ability to go long periods of time without going to the toilet diminishes. So this might well be the perfect solution. Made by Troy Scherer it was of course made for a laugh, but is the idea so weird?!?

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Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Limo Mobility Scooter

2 – Limobolizer

just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have the finer things in life. Why drive yourself down the shops when someone driving the Limobolizer can do it for you! Sadly it seems that butlers are not included.

Top 10 Best Modified Mobility Scooters
Batmobile Mobility Scooter

1 – “Quick Robin! To the Bat-Scooter!!!”

Well quick is the last thing Robin needs to be while Batman is driving this amazing mobility scooter. Made by Brian Vann he is much like me a huge Batman film and if I ever have the need of a mobility scooter myself, this is what I am turning it into.

Author: Gus Barge

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