Ten of the Worlds Strangest, Rarest and Most Unusual Types of Apples

From the moment Eve bit into the first apple, we all knew that this would be a fruit that temptation couldn’t resist. Back to modern day times and the saying goes that ‘an apple will keep the doctor away’ and it is true that some apples are healthy. But not even the craziest of Doctors would suggest you eat one of these because they are the worlds most unusual types of apples and some of them have to be seen to be believed…


Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Wax apples

10 –Wax

This delicious looking fruit goes by so many names it is imposable to name them all. Love apples, java, Royal, bellfruit, cloud, wax jambu, and some even call it a bell fruit. Being one of the more exotic varieties of apples this is also one of the rarest apart from the South African places that grow it naturally.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Square Apples

9 – Square

There will be lots of people holding up the “Photoshopped” cards, but you would be wrong! These really are grown by a plantation in Chungju, South Korea as farming scholarships. But there is a cube-shaped mould that they grow in.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Purple Apples

8 – Purple

I could not get 100% proof that these are real, but there are dozens of images and posts about them, so I suppose it must exist! There are some crazy GM fruits out there these days so its entirely possible they are real.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Carambola Star Apple

7 – Star Fruit

It does go under several names like Carambola, Star Fruit and Star Apple, but it really is an apple! It does have a mildly tart taste apparently, but it makes for a great snack. Sadly it just doesn’t have all the healing properties that its Jamaican brother has.(See number 5)

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Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Hawaii Mountain Apple

6 – Hawaii Mountain

With a very distinct shape, taste and seed in the middle there is not much you could confuse it with. These smaller pear-shaped apples are said to have a strange taste of rose petals and apple. It is said that they originally from Malaysia, but they were brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians.

Jamaican Star Apple
Jamaican Star Apple

5 – Star Apple

Not only are these star-shaped apples a very unusual shape, but apparently they are also really good for you! (As with most apples.) The health benefits include the ability to soothe inflammation in laryngitis and pneumonia, a treatment for diabetes mellitus and as a decoction is gargled to relieve angina and even used to overcome intestinal disturbances! It’s not just an apple, it is an edible medical kit!

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
White Pippin Apples

4 – Pippins

If you pick some of the smaller pippin apples before they are ripe you do end up with an almost pure white apple! But you are not going to see these in the shops any time soon because apparently, they do taste quite bitter.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Half Green, Half Red Apple

3 – Two halves

Fruit farmer Ken Morrish has been picking fruit from his apple tree for over 60 years! But in the rarest of the rarest 2 different types of apple seed merged and have grown a perfect half and half apple! Stats wise only 1 in 10 million apples grown from the same area will do this.

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Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Custard Apple

2 – Custard

This is one of the only ones on this list that I have actually tried myself, and I can tell you this. They really do taste exactly like custard! I know that is why it got its name, but it really does taste exactly the same which I found very weird indeed.

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Apples
Watermelon Redlove Apple

1 – Redlove

If ever there was an apple name that sums up how I feel about it, Redlove does just that. OK, so what if it was created by botanists who cross-pollinated a normal apple with a watermelon to create this Frankenstein fruit? It’s an apple that tastes just like a watermelon and I would love to try one myself.

Author: Gus Barge

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