Ten Strange and Unusual Coffins to Make Any Funeral Special

I wouldn’t say that I fear dying, but it is also some I don’t wish to think about. After all I am middle aged, fairly healthy and I live on top of a mountain breathing in clean, fresh air all day long. But maybe a little more thinking and planning for the future. I have pension already,  I plan to blog until I die, so I won’t ever get bored, maybe I just need to sort out some “just in case” funeral arrangements! My favourite song, wishes and one of these…



Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
I-Phone Shaped Coffin

10 – I-Phone

These days most of us spend most our lives face down looking at one of these, so it seems kind of fitting that you can also be buried in one. These days some people need reminding that there is no app for dying, once it happens that is it.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Camera Themed Coffin

9 – Camera

Perfect for all the photographers out there or maybe someone who takes a lot of selfies. It does look a little cumbersome, but it would be one way to be remembered that is for sure.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Stylish Themed Coffin

8 – Modern Style

This is not the new Batmobile, it is in fact a super designer styled coffin! Trendy, clean and sure to be remembered for a long time to come, this is perfect for artists and designers.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Piano Themed Coffin

7 – Piano

This is a great way to be remembered as the last song. Suitable for piano players and general musicians that want to go out in style. I just hope it doesn’t really play a tune of that thing because that would just be wrong.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
DJ Desk Themed Coffin

6 – DJ Desk

For those DJ’s that have made their last mash up playlist comes this themed coffin that is sure to make them more memorable in deaths than there music might have. Just be really careful with this if you get it, because the last thing you want to do is scratch it.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Subaru Themed Coffin

5 – Subaru

Now I once owned a Subaru myself and while I did indeed love it a lot, I never once thought to myself “I would like to be buried in this car!” but maybe I am alone on that as this amazing coffin is a lot lighter than it looks and always made to measure.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Lizard Themed Coffin

4 – Lizard

When I started looking for some “Unusual” coffins that last thing I ever thought I would find is one shaped like a lizard! OK, so you might well love lizards and indeed breed and raise them. But to be buried in one as well?!? I think not.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Cow Themed Coffin

3 – Cow Themed Coffin

I have always said that I drink too much milkshake, but even I wouldn’t want to end up in a coffin shaped like a cow! In fact, I would find it hard to believe that anyone would! But maybe I am wrong and there are in fact lots of people that would love to be buried in this.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
Train Themed Coffin

2 – Train

Perfect for all the train spotter nerds out there or maybe someone who just loves travailing by train. I sure hope it is first class otherwise you might be in there next to someone playing music through their earphones far too loudly.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Coffins
TARDIS Themed Coffin


This is the coffin on the Whovian Seb Neale. And as most of you already know because you might have seen it his coffin images went viral and forever he will be remembered as a fellow nerd. We want to be remembered that is for sure, but I would rather it be for something that I have done, not something I am in.

Author: Gus Barge

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