Ten of the Worlds Craziest Barbecues You’ll Ever See

Here in the UK at least it is BBQ time and most people do love a barbecue. Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan there is always something tasty to burn to a crisp and eat.  While I do love the great taste of barbecued food I thought that for this blog post we could take a look at the BBQ’s themselves because I have found some rather amazing ones…



Cow Inspired BBQ Grill
Cow Inspired BBQ Grill

10 – Barbemooo.

If you are looking for something a bit BBQ themed this Longhorn Steer BBQ Grill might well be the one for you, not only is it a good size but it has to be said that it does bring a smile to the face and would make a great talking point at any BBQ.

VW camper Inspired BBQ Grill

9 – Because they go hand in hand!

Nothing fits in better with camping than a nice barbeque. And so that is where this VW camper BBQ grill comes into it. While it is just a concept at the moment it looks like a great idea that will probably be made a real product in next to no time.

Pepsi can Inspired BBQ Grill

8 – Not Mushroom on That!

It is hardly going to keep an entire BBQ party fed and happy, but this Pepsi can single sausage BBQ is a stroke of genius! Not only fun recycling but fun making one as well.

Volkswagen Beetle Inspired BBQ Grill

7 – Drive Thru?!?

If I had known about this when I made my post “Top 10 Best Volkswagen Beetles in Gardens” it would have definitely had made it onto my top 10. But I don’t so I will include it here in the first of 3 cars that have been turned into barbeque grills!

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Magnum Revolver Inspired BBQ Grill

6 – Shoot for the sauces!

Commissioned by Idaho gun retailer ‘Wrenco Arms’ who uses it as a marketing tool for their business, but it was in fact made by welding students at Idaho’s Sandpoint High School! That is a bit weird if you ask me, but this is kind of awesome none the less.

Pig Inspired BBQ Grill

5 – Bring on the Bacon and put in on the Bacon!

Seen in the Carolinas, Barbecue event is this rather fun (is a sick kind of way) pig shaped barbeque.   It does have to be said that it is kind of cute if a little wrong unless you are only going to good vegetables on it.

BMW Inspired BBQ Grill

4 – Grill Racer

From car boot to car BBQ this rear end from a real BMW is a fantastic idea for a BBQ as the boots roof does act as a sort of serving the area for buns and sauces! It seems that making BBQ’s from cars is not that unusual….

Hot-Rod Inspired BBQ Grill

3 – Hod dogs on Hot Rods!

This grill not only looks like a 1939 Dodge pickup, but it is in fact made from a real one! This is sure to get a few heads turning at any BBQ event. The only downside to this is that apparently, the stereo in the “dashboard” section is just a fake.

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Steam Train Inspired BBQ Grill

2 – Next stop…Burger town!

This Steampunk styled Locomotive barbeque grill not only looks amazing on the outside, but the level of detail on the inside of the cabin is nothing short of incredible! Not only does it make great food but the idea of using a BBQ shaped like a steam engine also makes sense! Apparently, in Deulino, Ryazanskaya, Russia where this was created people make these sorts of things all the time! A whole village of creative people!

R2-D2 Inspired BBQ Grill

1 –  Master Nerd Chef

The nerd in me just had to make this R2-D2 inspired BBQ number 1. Made by Philip Wise it is made from an old oil drum with some paint and decals making it look as good as it does. Use the spatula? Nah, I just use the force!

Author: Gus Barge

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