Ten Amazing, Nerdy and Unusual Painted Wooden Chairs

Dining chairs are boring! Well, I thought that they were anyway. You see the ones that I have at home are just the normal cheap wooden ones from IKEA (nothing wrong with that you might add) but some people don’t see a boring old wooden chair they see a canvas to express themselves with, to make it stand out, to make it better than all others…


Super Hero inspired wooden painted chair
Super Hero inspired wooden painted chair

10 – The Justice League!

What a great start to a top 10 than to feature some chairs that are inspired by various superheroes! What I like about these is that they are fairly simple to replicate and are perfect for kids rooms, or a classroom.

Summer inspired wooden painted chair

9 – Summer Sunshine!

These amazing chairs are an Adirondack chair and are hand painted and handcrafted from pine wood! They are all a one-off and for me one of a perfect summertime chair.

Simpsons inspired wooden painted chair

8 – The Springfield Collection

Before anyone points it out, I do know they have been cut into shapes, but without the yellow paint, it just wouldn’t look as good. I do have to wonder why there was no Maggie chair.

Kermit the Frog-inspired wooden painted chair

7 – This is no piggy back!

But it is a Muppet back! This super cool Adirondack chair with ski back was made by Guido J. van den Elshout and is well worth being part of this top 10 because I love it!

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De Stijl inspired wooden painted chair

6 – Caution, wet Chair!

This unusual chair inspired by Piet Mondrian’s art style “De Stijl” (with an added “dripping” effect) might well look a little odd, but it is also rather beautiful! But I think it’s usefulness as a painted chair it well gone, it is now pure art and better for it.

inspirational inspired wooden painted chair

5 – It Inspired me!

I like a few things about this chair made by Melody Smith. It’s simple to do and looks amazing.

Comic inspired wooden painted chair

4 – Comic Craziness

While at first, these retro comic inspired chairs might seem rather pricey, but this hand-painted and wrapped chairs are finished to perfection and look stunning. Jump Square UK will apparently also custom wrap a chair with the annual of your year of birth! Painted, wrapped and truly awesome, I love them.

Minecraft wooden painted chair

3 – 8-bit builder

I never got into Minecraft myself, but I do know something cool when I see it, and this is ridiculously cool! Styled to make it look pixelated it is sadly a one-off made for a fundraising event. But as that event raised tens of thousands for a cancer charity it was well worth it.

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Space Invaders inspired wooden painted chair

2 – Alien Attack!

OK, these chairs have been cut into this cool shape, but they wouldn’t be half as cool if it wasn’t for the paint job and they are 100% timber as well! If ever there was a dining chair that got me reaching for the wallet it is these. I couldn’t find a price but expect to payloads.

Vincent Van Gogh inspired wooden painted chair

1 –  The visions of the night.

This beautiful chair was bought at a market in Bangalore, India for the tiny sum of 500RP (about $10) and talk about a bargain! I know it is just inspired by someone else’s artwork after all Van Gogh didn’t put it on a chair did he! Or did he?!

Author: Gus Barge

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