Ten Buildings With Faces to Welcome You Home

Have you ever looked at a building and thought it seemed to have a face? You’re not alone! This phenomenon, called pareidolia, is when our brains trick us into seeing familiar shapes in random objects. In the case of buildings, windows, doors, cracks, and even moss can come together to create a seemingly expressive face. Let’s take a walk down a quirky street and see if we can find some friendly (or perhaps not-so-friendly) faces peeking out from these architectural oddities:

Cottage With Face

10 – “What do you mean I look like Boris Johnson?!?”

Imagine a quaint little cottage with climbing vines for hair, a flower box as a smile, and a dormer window as an eye. This charming face might just welcome you back home with a sense of warmth and whimsy.

House with Suspicious Face

9 – “Sssssoooo…..moving into me eh?!?”

On the other hand, some faces might be a bit more skeptical. Perhaps a boarded-up window and a crooked chimney create a look of suspicion. Is this house judging your groceries, or is it just happy to see you?

Corner of Building With a Face

8 – “Oh! I have to admit I have never thought about home insurance!”

Sometimes it’s just a corner that catches the light the right way. A chipped brick here, a stained awning there, and suddenly the corner seems to be sporting a mischievous grin.

Snow on Building Looks Like a Face

7 –”Don’t go to Australia for a holiday, I can be warmer for you if I try…sniff, sniff.”

Winter can bring its own kind of architectural illusions. A dusting of snow piled unevenly on a rooftop might create a surprised face with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

House With a Happy Face

6 – ” Thank you for paying the rent off me for another week, you’re the best!”

Big, round windows and a brightly painted door can create a cheerful visage. This house exudes sunshine and good vibes.

Shed With a Face

5 – “Hey! You are doing some great work in that garden now please do come back inside.”

Even the humblest shed can join in the fun. A misplaced vent and a rusty padlock could create a goofy grin, making even the most mundane chore feel a little less so.

Building With a Funny Face

4 – “So are you going to buy me then? It just that since my owners left I feel empty inside!”

Asymmetrical windows, a crooked door, and a mismatched paint job – who needs perfect proportions when you can have pure comedic effect?

Office Building With a Funny Face

3 – “You hate them? Well, I love Mondays because it means you come to work inside me!”

Even the most serious office building can’t resist a bit of personality. Imagine a row of identical windows punctuated by a single, off-center one, creating a comical expression that lightens the mood.

Building With a Judgmental Face

2 – “I see the neighbours have a new car again! Probably stolen it knowing them.”

Beware! A combination of a narrow window and a large awning might create a face that seems to be peering down at you with disapproval. Maybe it’s time to straighten your tie or pick up that stray piece of litter.

House With a dog Face

1 – You must be barking mad to live here!!!

Sometimes, pareidolia takes us a step further. A circular window and a chipped paint spot can transform an ordinary house into the friendly face of a giant canine companion.

So next time you’re walking down the street, keep an eye out for these architectural faces. They might just add a touch of whimsy (or perhaps a shiver of suspicion) to your day.

Author: Gus Barge

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