Ten of the Saddest Deaths In Game Of Thrones

Ten of the Saddest Deaths In Game Of Thrones
The show ended with Daenerys stabbed to death by her own lover, an ending that raised mixed feelings among the fans of the Game of Thrones. Daenerys’ death was far from the saddest in the hit show though. She had committed war crimes and was about to commit a lot more if she wasn’t stopped which is why she had to die. Jon Snow was also humane while killing her, making it quick. The same can’t be said for the other sad deaths that made a better part of the show.

Shireen Baratheon

Shireen Baratheon was the only known survivor of Greyscale in Westeros until Jorah Mormont got cured of the same disease later. She was innocent and sweet and would have made the best Baratheon after Stannis’ death. Stannis loved his daughter, but his desire to become the king overwhelmed his love for his only daughter.
Melisandre was the worst though as she heartlessly burned the innocent girl at the stake for no crime at all. It was the most barbaric death in the show and the reason why Melisandre and Stannis totally deserved to die.


Missandei was another innocent woman that never hurt anyone in the show. She was taken as a slave at a young age but never lost the desire to go back to her home on the island on Naath someday. That dream never came true though. After being freed from the slavers and faithfully serving her friend Dany, Missandei became the victim of Cersei’s hate. She was beheaded days before achieving her ultimate dream.

Lord Varys

Lord Varys made some mistakes in the show, especially for his part in Eddard Stark’s death and assassination plots against Daenerys. However, he was a changed man and was doing everything in his power to get the right person on the Iron Throne.

The greatest sacrifice he had made was saving Tyrion from Tywin and Cersei. He also helped Daenerys create alliances with noble houses in Westeros but all that was forgotten when Tyrion betrayed him. He was killed by dragon flames ordered by the very people he risked his life to save.

Lyanna Mormont

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark had no chance of retaking Winterfell without little Lyanna’s help. She was a little girl but way wiser than most of the lords and ladies of the North. She ensured that her house kept its oath to House Stark and was available in the battle against the Night King when everyone needed her.

She was the figure that represented the resilience of girls and women as a whole in the show. She had one of the most gruesome ends of anyone in the show at the hands of a giant Wight although she managed to deliver a kill strike before her death.

Eddard Stark

Ned Stark believed that the man that passed the sentence should also swing the sword. He was one of the most honourable men in the show who could give up their lives to do the right thing. When he came to King’s Landing and discovered the rot in the Red Keep, he took it upon himself to rewrite the wrongs done to his friend Robert and all the Seven Kingdoms.

He had too many enemies though and wasn’t smart in his play. Being beheaded by corrupt people while his children watched made it even sadder considering he had just confessed to a crime he didn’t commit after being promised mercy.
Ten of the Saddest Deaths In Game Of Thrones

Theon Greyjoy

Theon was a bad person as he turned on the family that raised him and hurt them. He was only trying to prove himself to his father though, and when he discovered his mistake, he tried to rewrite it by giving his life to save Sansa and later Bran.

He had done everything right by saving his sister before coming North to stand with his Stark family and was more of a brother to Bran than Jon ever was. He didn’t stand a chance against the Night King though. He died helplessly after fighting so bravely to save the world.

Rickon Stark

Rickon Stark was used by Ramsay Bolton as Target practice during the Battle of The Bastards with everyone watching as an arrow went through the poor boy’s back. It was the most gruesome death in the battle. Rickon had suffered so much since his mother, father and elder brother left Winterfell. After all that pain and struggling, the poor boy got no respite as he ended up as Ramsay’s prisoner. He deserved to live though.


Talisa was the reason why the Freys refused to fight alongside Robb Stark in the War of The Five Kings. She fell in love with Robb and the two were willing to give up everything to be together, a decision that later cost them their lives. When she was stabbed during the Red Wedding, Talisa was pregnant with Robb’s child. Killing a pregnant woman in cold blood is inhumane in any circumstance. Talisa’s case was even worse since she and Robb had so much potential and promise for the future of Winterfell.


There are many rumours about Hodor’s paternity with the most popular one stating that he was the descendant of Ser Duncan The Tall. He grew up in Winterfell though and was always loyal to House Stark, especially Bran Stark. Without Hodor, Bran and Rickon would have died at the hands of their enemies long before going beyond The Wall. He never achieved anything for himself though as everyone dismissed him as a halfwit. He was ripped apart by Wights while protecting Bran but he never got much credit for his sacrifice either.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont was one of the greatest fighters in the show but his reputation was put to shame when he was discovered to trade in slaves. He then became loyal to Daenerys Targaryen although he also betrayed her at one point. Despite his former faults, Jorah was a loyal fighter and was in love with Daenerys although he stood no chance of being with her.

Jorah was supposed to become Daenerys’ Hand but Tyrion took that position. Jorah still fought for Daenerys all the way even when everyone in The North lost faith in her. He died helplessly at the hands of the Wights after fighting bravely for Daenerys.

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