Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues

Today I have been to a wedding of a close friend. But not in a Church, and it wasn’t a registry office wedding! No, this was in his back garden. I am no expert on the costs of decent wedding venues, but surely there are better places to get married than your own back garden and it was not like he had a big garden to accommodate us all. If I was in charge of the venue I would definitely have picked one of these…

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding at an Aquarium

10 – Aquarium

Now we are talking! With the feeling you get from being in an aquarium being one of happiness it seems rather fitting to have your big day in one as well. Then off to a reception hall close by for some fish dinners. (Or maybe just a drink or two.)

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding at The Gherkin – in London

9 – Skyscraper

While it does have the rather unfortunate name of “The Gherkin”  nothing can take away the amazing views of London that it offers. Plenty of room for everyone and more than enough event rooms to host whatever reception and party you want.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding in a Forest

8 – Woodland

While at first, it might seem kind of silly having a wedding in the middle of a forest, I think there is something rather wonderful and enchanted about it. Plus if you look clearly at the image there is a nice lake in the background to have a party around after it as well.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding Inside a Bridge

7 – Bridge

This amazing wedding event hall is not some fancy new-age building, this is Tower bridge in London made way back in 1886! With amazing views, a unique and very unusual venue for sure, and one that people will remember for a long time to come.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding Inside a Bus

6 – Bus

This is “The Crazy Bear” in Stadhampton and they have several strange and amazing places to get married, but none more so strange than inside a reception bus! Why to arrive at a wedding in a bus when you could have it inside of it! Not a bad venue at all.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding Underwater

5 – Underwater

Not one for me because I can’t swim. But I do understand how amazing an underwater wedding could be, but what are the odds of everyone you invite to the wedding being able to scuba dive? Good idea, but not very practical.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding in a Wine Cellar

4 – Wine and Dine

Why not have a wedding and reception inside an old wine cellar or maybe even a cave! The dark and echo style of the venue will add some much needed unique atmosphere and is sure to be a wedding to remember.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding on a Boat

3 – Boat

Not only a very cool venue but often this can double up because more often than not the captains of many a cruise ship will have a marriage licence meaning he can marry you! Just make sure that all guests and indeed Bride and Groom have their sea legs.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding Bungee Jump

2 – Bungee

While it is not for everyone having a wedding at a venue that offer bungee jumps it is still a wedding venue to remember. But wearing the right kind of clothes and indeed underpants is essential if you are going to do this.

Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Wedding at The top of Rocks

1 – Rocks

While most marriages end up on the rocks, this one started off on them! I have to say that looking at this my friends back garden wedding venue doesn’t seem so bad after all, and it really was a dry day (if a little cold) and he really does love his new wife a lot which makes it all worthwhile no matter where it was.

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  1. They understand it quite well that to the naked eye, these wedding venues might looks amazing like the one at The Gherkin, but a church can be even more beautiful.

  2. Thanks Lee. It was a good guest post and a rather interesting one. What was wrong with getting married in a church?!? Oh, how times have changed.

  3. Some wonderful ideas for holding a wedding. Who knew you could have a reception inside Tower Bridge, in The Gherkin or bungee jumping. I have seen skydiving weddings in pictures, just depends on what appeals to the couple. Great post.

  4. Why do people have to go to strange and unusual locations to get married. A church is romantic and there is always one near where you live.

  5. I was quite interested to read this – I know den vu but didn’t know there were other phenomenon similar to it. I have certainly experienced stairway wit too many times – but there have also been quite a few times now when I have had the response to say at the time. Oh so satisfying, especially with so many after the fact times in the past. Not sure if there is a term for saying something without thinking and find others think it is amusing.

  6. They do indeed. All I ask is that it is a 10 top format, 10 images (because this is a very visual blog) and that it is family friendly! The rest is up to the blogger. so are you thinking about doing one?

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