Ten Stereotypical Cats From Britain Who Are Probably Not British

I might have been born in England, and now living in Wales. But I will always consider myself to be British through and through. So today it is time to look at how the rest of the world sees us Brits. But forget our human stereotypes, its Caturday and it is always about our feline friends…


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Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat on a bus with a union jack wearing police officer.

10 – “We are not all hooligans, but if you keep staring at me I will fight you.”

FACT: Here in the UK Birmingham is just considered to be the second largest city in the UK, but there are 30 other places, cities, villages and states called Birmingham around the world, but they ALL got their name from this one city making it the most commonly used place-name in the world (Not including street names.)

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat on Union Jack Blanket

9 – “I have just eaten wild boar with a mint sauce, but no arrow was used.”

FACT: In 1806 a poet called Jane Taylor looked up at the stars in the night sky and was inspired to write the song, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ which is now sung in almost every country and thousands of languages.

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat wearing union jack top hat

8 – “We don’t all drink tea and live in a castle you know. I do, but not all of us!”

FACT: Over in Peckham in Kent they can lay claim to having the worlds first ever speeding ticket! It was issued by a policeman riding a bicycle to poor Walter Arnold who was spotted doing 8mph! The speed freak.

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat in Union Jack Bow tie

7 – “The Au Pair looks after the kittens while I am out parting all day and night.”

FACT: A mind blowing 98% of all Manchester United fans live outside the UK! In fact 6% are in China, and only 34% are in the rest of Europe!

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Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat on Union Jack Cushion

6 – “I only have bad teeth because I am forced to eat low-quality European meat!”

FACT: When old UK laws are no longer needed, they are often forgotten about. So according to British law it is still legal to kill a Scottish person who enters the city of York provided he is carrying a bow and arrow!

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat sat on British cushion

5 – “Just feed me my good man, and then you can wipe my stiff upper lip.”

FACT: Margaret Thatcher was part of a chemical research team than invented Mr Whippy ice-cream! They discovered the method of doubling the amount of air in ice cream, which allowed manufacturers to use less ingredients and in turn cut overall costs!

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Posh Cat

4 – “Dressed up in top hats and tails? No, my good man, this is my casual wear!”

FACT: Here is a weird one for you, Henry the 3rd kept a real live polar bear inside the tower of London and the guards would let it swim in the Thames twice a day.

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cats Queuing

3 – “I don’t know what we are queuing for, but a que this big has to be worth it!”

FACT: In Victorian Britain most people used the services of a chimney sweep. But if you could afford it, you could have a ‘luxury service’ that involved the chimney sweep dropping live geese down the chimney pots and washing them off afterwards.

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Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat in Royal Throne

2 –”We live on an island in the middle of the sea, so of course we all know the Queen!”

FACT: Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh and several kings all had their ears pierces and often wore studs and hoops in them.

Top 10 Stereotypical Cats From Britain
Cat in British Box

1 – Only the best box for UK kitty, silk lined and British made.

In 1811 25% of all the women living in the UK were called Mary! And yes in 2014 George is growing in popularity, but not as quickly as the names of the One Directions boy band members Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and of course Harry.

Author: Gus Barge

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