Ten Great Reasons to Love Cricket and Make a Bet on It

For those who already watch and follow cricket, it is easy for them to fall in love with the game and enjoy all its exciting moments, but for those of us who are not so much into it, I hope these ten things will turn our opinion around. Because it’s not just about watching or indeed enjoying the great game but also being knowledgeable enough to use sites like https://cricketbetonline.in/ to make a wise bet on it. Sometimes it’s not just about what you know, more what you enjoy and these ten reasons will make you love with this traditional bat-and-ball game…


Dogs love cricket as well!

A gentleman’s game

While there have indeed been times when it has had its controversial moments cricket is mostly a peaceful, relaxed game. While it is often called a “gentleman’s game” I would say it is more a family-friendly game. There is no chanting or anger when it comes to cricket, just manners, bowls and the odd leg rubbing.

Dogs love cricket as well!

You can enjoy it anywhere

A good game of cricket can be just as exciting on the TV or online as it can be in real life. While being at the game in other sports makes it more exciting, just watching the heights reel on TV can make the game even better than watching it in person. These days more and more people enjoy watching it on their smartphones and making bets on the same device.

Dogs love cricket as well!

Anyone can play cricket

I’m not just talking about the ages of people who like to play cricket, but their races, abilities and indeed their social upbringing. If you are good at cricket you can easily make it into the top leagues of the sport and that is often why you see a lot of top Indian players in peoples all-time players lists because they appreciate their humble upbringings a lot more and this in turn often makes them better plays for it.

Dogs love cricket as well!

It’s simply complex

On the surface, cricket is a simple game that almost anyone can play. But look a little deeper into the top player’s moves and styles and you will start to understand the complexities of the great game. Even small changes in things like the weather or the mood of the players can make the difference between winning and losing. This is one of the top reasons people enjoy a flutter on cricket because the outcome of a game can depend on a lot of different factors.

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Dogs love cricket as well!

Your team can lose and win at the same time

When it comes to cricket it really isn’t all about the winning. There are times when a team will deliberately start to loose in order to rest their top players for a full days cricket the next day. There really aren’t that many sports with which this can happen, but cricket just so happens to be one of them.

Dogs love cricket as well!

The sounds

Because the crowd watching cricket at the stadium is a little more relaxed than other sports you tend to hear everything going on on the pitch. From the shouting calls of the umpire to the sound of ball on wood, its something you can listen too without wanting to pull your ears off with all the terrible chanting. The sound of a cricket bat hitting the ball always reminds me of a summers day.

Dogs love cricket as well!

The top players

It’s not just about the game of cricket, it is often about the players themselves and there have been some true greats. But there is always someone new to follow and read up about as teams do tend to change their players quite often. This not only gives more players a chance but it also means players will often play harder than in any other sport because it is more important for them to impress the coach.

Dogs love cricket as well!

You can play it yourself

You don’t need a wide-open field in order to play cricket, just a small back garden or even in your bedroom with a VR headset. Some people even play it in the office when the boss isn’t looking! Playing cricket with friends, of course, is always best but that doesn’t mean you have to play with others.

Dogs love cricket as well!

You don’t need to understand all of it

If you just want to learn the basics of cricket that should see you through most cricket matches just fine. But if you do fancy starting to make bets on the game you might want to get into it a lot more and learn the more complex nature of the game, but it really isn’t all that necessary if you just want to enjoy the game.

Dogs love cricket as well!

The Cups

From the One Day International trophies to the world cup, there is always a big game of cricket going on somewhere. It is not always going to be a team you support yourself, but it might be one you can enjoy a little flitter on. If you love cricket and would like to tell others why you love this game so much why not leave a comment below and share the love for the game of gentlemen. After all, it was Bob Marley who once sang “I Don’t Like Cricket, I love it!”

Author: Gus Barge

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