Ten of the Most Stylish Types of New Windows for Your House

When decorating or renovating your home, selecting the correct type of windows is fundamental to the overall style of your residence. Just a little look online will show you just how many different window types there are, making choosing which one is right for you even harder. Listed below are ten of the industry’s leading window designs, all of which promise to illuminate your home with a range of luxurious and energy-efficient windows…


Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

10 – Marvin All Ultrex Casement Windows

Every aspect of our lives is becoming modernised in today’s technological era. Marvin incorporates this trend with their new Ultrex windows, a fibreglass product eight times stronger than vinyl. They come equipped with folding handles and a single-handle multi-point sequential locking system for optimum security. Ultrex casement windows are available in customised sizes to suit every home, with a personalised option of ultra energy efficient LoE3-366 glass, which delivers a U-value and solar heat gain coefficient equal to or less than 0.30. This qualifies your home for the energy efficiency tax credit, thus providing both style and efficiency.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

9 – Simonton Profinish Brickmould 600

Simonton Profinish Brickmould 600 windows demonstrate you do not have to compromise style for insulation efficiency. These energy-efficient windows energies permit your home to be decorated with the luxurious look of wood windows yet with all the practical advantages of vinyl. The windows contain low-E glass and an advanced spacer system which adeptly minimises condensation and maintains the warm temperature of the glass.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

8 – Pella Architect Series Casement Windows

This range of Architect Series casement windows features the Pella patented Integral Light Technology, illuminating your home with the elegance of true divided light. These windows are available in a variety of different wood exteriors. Moreover, they contain low-maintenance EnduraClad, an innovative aluminium cladding that promises to resist long term fading and chalking.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

7 – Hy-Lite Energy Star Awning Windows

Hy-Lite’s Energy Star awning window grant homeowners the stylistic elegance of privacy windows combined with the energy efficiency of low-E windows. Utilising tinted acrylic blocks, these windows reduce solar heat gain and are designed to protect interiors from harmful UV rays, all the while gilding your home with a range of fashionable modern window designs.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

6 – Crestline Select

These windows are available in a range of low-maintenance extruded aluminium-clad or primed wood exteriors and warm pine interiors to suit any design or energy prerequisites you may have. This wealth of choice continues with the type of window you can choose; they are available as casement, awning, double-hung, and gliding windows; and centre-hinged, French in-swing, French out-swing, French sliding and traditional sliding patio doors, as well as pictures, bows and bays. Crestline Select offer homeowners complete liberty of choice when selecting windows to ensure they perfectly suit your home. Moreover, if you require further stylistic additions, you can select and incorporate complementary speciality shapes, sizes and transoms into any of their designs.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

5 – Pella ThermaStar Windows

Another exquisite range from Pella, these ThermaStar windows provide homeowners with maintenance-free vinyl frames and low-E insulating glass to meet Energy Star requirements across every region in the United States. As well as offering immaculate vinyl frames, these windows promise never to require painting, staining or refinishing. These windows are superb in every category, from style to practicality to efficiency.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

4 – Weather Shield Life Guard IG 2

These windows guarantee trouble-free weather protection. They possess neither exposed fasteners nor snap-in-jamb covers; instead, providing homeowners with durable long-term hardware that will adeptly illuminate and safeguard their homes. It is logical that if we modify every other aspect of our lives to sustain weather damage, from our cars to our clothes, surely our homes deserve the same treatment. Weather Shield windows effectively provide this protection. The glass contains an integrated laminated interlayer design which will sustain any windborne debris and offer certified protection against any implosions caused by impact fractures. These windows are perfect if you live in a region with tumultuous weather. You can now have stylish windows and remain confident they can withstand weather damage.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

3 – Proshield 2

If you are seeking modern yet easy-to-clean windows, then Proshield 2 are the range for you. These double-hung tilt windows enable both sashes to tilt into the room for easy cleaning access. Moreover, the vinyl-clad windows are constructed according to a new design that provides high efficiency in coastal regions or other areas prone to severe weather conditions. However, these practical additions do not hinder the visual appeal in any way, as you have a wide choice of bay windows, dramatic picture windows, or any variety of personal configurations to illuminate and decorate your home.

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

2 – Crestline VinylCrest 200

Crestline VinylCrest windows are an ideal choice to modernise your home simultaneously and reduce energy loss and sound transmission. These extruded dual-wall multi-chambered frames provide a stepped exterior profile and sloped sill for a luxurious elegance. What’s more, they also include stiffeners in the check rails and fusion welded corners to reinforce the integrity of the window unit to prevent heat loss and sound transmission. Combine these fundamental household conveniences with an air of modern luxury, and these windows blend stylishly into any home. They are available as single- and double-hung, glider, casement, awning, bow and bay, direct set picture, speciality shaped windows, and narrow-style and French wide-style sliding patio doors. What more could you ask for?

Top 10 Stylish Windows for Your House

1 – Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection

These windows were designed in collaboration with contemporary architects to deliver a fluid combination of aesthetic clean lines & multiple units with large expanses of glass, as well as offering a warm, organic wood interior. These contemporary and efficient windows provide warmth, energy efficiency, and a complete stylistic choice for homeowners. There are various exterior style choices, from frame and sash on the same plan, double or triple pass glass availabilities, and sash recessed from the pane. These windows offer pioneering frame-to-daylight opening ratios due to their narrower frames and sash and consistency and elegance throughout a range of window varieties.

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