Ten Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Ten Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

When it comes to the biggest day of our lives, getting married is right up at the top of the list. So planning for one of the biggest days of our lives can be a terribly stressful time. But by following our top 10 tips for planning a perfect wedding, we can help you to ensure your wedding day flows as smoothly as champagne on the big day. If you are using an online wedding planner, or doing it all yourself, these tips will see your day is as special as you want it to be…

1. The Diary

First and foremost, get yourself a diary. This is a huge event and with so many different components to it, things to remember to do and people to see – you really need to ensure you remember it all. Just a normal everyday diary is quite sufficient providing it has lots of room in it to write. Or if you prefer, you could buy a specially designed wedding diary to make documenting all the details of the big day that much more special. As long as you have somewhere you can constantly refer to throughout the entire process, you will be totally prepared for organising your big day!

2. Budget

As much as some of us might want to go the entire fairytale route of enormous dress, incredible venue, hundreds of guests with dozens of bridesmaids etc, it isn’t always financially feasible. So it is essential that you decide on a budget and stick to it. The wedding world can be a very expensive place, and without keeping a check on your finances, it can quite quickly and easily start adding up to many thousands of pounds. Know how much you have to spend and don’t be tempted to spend more than you can realistically afford.

3. To-Do List

Make yourself a nice detailed list, leaving space for adding any extra notes along the way. Your diary is great for keeping all the appointments and other important days to remember, but having a list somewhere you look regularly will help to keep you on top of all of your planning for your wedding. Organisation is really the key to a stress-free perfect day and your to-do list will help you achieve just that.

4. The guests

Once you have decided on your budget, you can now start thinking about all the other details. To start with is the guest list. This part can be quite stressful. Deciding who to actually invite to your wedding can be worrying as you don’t want to miss anyone out or offend anyone. But stand firm, and aim to invite your guest list according to your budget. If you are having a more low-key wedding on a tighter budget you may decide to only invite immediate family to a sit-down meal and the rest of the guests at the night reception. Or if you are ‘going large’, you might choose a large stately venue with all the trimmings making it a whole day affair that everyone is invited to. Once you have made your decisions for your guest list, try to stick to it. It can be very easy to quickly grow your guest list which means more food to order and a larger venue needed! And don’t forget to buy the invitations!

5. When?

Now is the time to start thinking about when and where you are actually going to get married. First, decide what time of year you want to get married. Great weather can make for a beautiful wedding day but it could also ruin one entirely with terrible weather, so choose carefully. You might choose your date according to what holidays you have available to take from work, allowing you to go on a honeymoon immediately after the wedding.

Ten Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

6. Where?

Of course, you have to ensure your chosen date is actually available at the place you would like to be married at. Registrars will not only marry you at Churches and Register Offices; they have a list of other suitable venues that they will travel to on your chosen wedding day, giving you a much wider option of wedding venues to choose from. From Marquee’s to country Castle’s, our venue choices are vast!

7. The details

Start thinking about the details of your wedding. The bridal party outfits including the all-important dress, the entertainment, the food, the cake, the flowers, the travel arrangements, and other necessary finer details of your big day. Speak to friends and family for recommendations regarding wedding or occasion services they may have used before, such as caterers and entertainers. You could even visit Bridal Fayre for a whole range of services that are available to make your big day run smoothly. Don’t forget to book a photo booth rental so your guests can take photos all night as they look their best. You can find the best photo booth rental in Leesburg, VA.

8. Delegate

People will want to help to give you the perfect wedding day. Everyone loves a wedding! So let them help you. There is no need to go it alone when planning your wedding. Allow a trusted friend to give you a helping hand in making arrangements and plans with you. They can help you to take care of all the little jobs like searching for a recommended photographer, suitable entertainment or florist. By sharing and constantly updating each other, you will help to keep your planning on track with as little stress on you as possible.

9. The gifts

Choosing what gifts you might wish for from your wedding guests isn’t always the easiest thing to do. People often find themselves living with their partner these days, long before actually getting married, and already have every household gadget you can think of. A great, practical gift idea is to simply request home shopping vouchers or cash gifts. Instead, you might decide to follow an online store’s wedding guest list plan. Here, guests can log onto your guests list within the website and choose an item from your gift list. This is a great way to give all guest’s the opportunity to choose a gift within their own budget, whilst ensuring you get both something you like and a gift that isn’t duplicated. No one needs five sets of wine glasses and three toasters!

10. Enjoy it!

That may seem like a strange thing to say. Of course you’re going to enjoy it – it’s your wedding day! Too many couples get so stressed at the actual planning and arranging of their big day, that they actually forget to enjoy themselves when it finally arrives! If you find yourself staring at your diary, desperately trying to remember that thing you have forgotten, put it down and go and do something else for a while. Don’t allow the entire wedding lead-up to overwhelm you with worrying about it. If you have planned carefully and checked everything twice, your day is going to be amazing! It’s YOUR day, so don’t let anyone – including yourself, spoil it!

If you have any other tips for planning the perfect wedding, do let us know in the comments below. 

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