Ten of the Craziest Things People Collect and Their Massive Collections

I wouldn’t say I really have a hobby. Something that I can say I have collected and grown over years of hunting and searching. But maybe I don’t want to start collecting things as I have often seen programs that show people who can take things a little too far, and in the end, their collections grow so large that they require the use of several secure storage units just to house them! Much like this lot…


Ten of the Craziest Things People Collect and Their Massive Collections
World’s Largest Collection of Coca-Cola Cans

10 – Coke Cans

Now here is a refreshing collection! Featuring over 10,000 different cans but all from the coca-cola brand and some of them so rare they are worth thousands this is one very impressive collection. It makes me wonder how many are still full!

World’s Largest Collection of Rubber Ducks

9 – Rubber Ducks

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have often thought about starting a rubber duck collection! (Just me on that one then.) Anyway, moving on quickly. This is the collection of Charlotte Lee who has over 2,500 of them! She must be quackers! …I’ll get my coat.

World’s Largest Collection of Pez Dispensers

8 – Pez Dispensers

Now I used to love Pez just as much as the next kid in the playground, but some people just seem to go too far with it, and what we have here is Kevin Rej’s collection of over 500 of them! Some of them worth a lot of money indeed.

World’s Largest Collection of Gnomes

7 – Gnomes

Some people love them, and others find them creepy. But no matter what side of the fence you sit on you will have to sit on the fence because the garden has been overrun with gnomes! Ron Broomfield has over 1,600 of them and dares I say kind of looks like one as well! It is thought that one day he will lead this army of garden men into battle.

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World’s Largest Collection of Super Mario Memorabilia

6 – Super Mario

Mario might have been a good thing for me to start a collection, but that was before I came across this collection owned by Brett Martin. It is thought that he has spent almost a quarter of a million pounds on this collection of over 8,000 items! Let’s a go! (…to the storage unit to fit this lot in so he can find his bedroom floor again.)

World’s Largest Collection of Dice

5 – Dice

Now I love playing Yahtzee just as much as the next person, but collection dice like this is just weird! Owned by Kevin Cook, he has over 35,000 of them! At least he isn’t scrambling around looking for a dice whenever the board games come out.

World’s Largest Collection of ET Memorabilia

4 – ET

Here is something that will make myself and many people reading this feel old. There are many, many people who read this who will not even know who this is! Well, this is ET and back in his day, there was memorabilia of him EVERYWHERE! I even had ET y-fronts!

World’s Largest Collection of Smurfs Memorabilia

3 – Smurfs

You know you are taking a collection too far when you start to dress like it! Well, this is Stephen Parkes and he had already gone too far. But still, if anyone needs a storage unit for his collection it is this guy because some of them are massive!

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World’s Largest Collection of Super Soakers

2 – Super Soakers

When it comes to summer fun a super soaker is always good for a laugh. But when you start collecting them and grow a vast collection of almost 350, the fun has already gone. But it would make for a very fun battle to use them all at once! FIGHT!!!

World’s Largest Collection of Daleks

1 –  Daleks

Now being a bit of a nerd and indeed a Whovian I like the Daleks and have many memories of being very scared of them. But when it comes to collecting them, none come close to Rob Hull’s collection of over 600! If anyone needed a storage unit to keep them all in it is this guy because it looks like he can hardly sit down!

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