10 Crazy But Awesome Things For Singles To Do On Valentine’s Day

Who said you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s day simply because you are single? Being single on Valentine’s day can be awesome and you also have the right to share the love. You could choose to share it with the world or show yourself some special love and have even more fun than you would with a partner. When you are single, there is no limit to what you can do, no pressure to buy special gifts and no huge sacrifices to make. If you do it right, you may have the best Valentine’s day of your life while single.


Host A Party

Host A Party

Being single means, you have all the freedom to go out and mingle but you don’t have to be the one looking for the fun. You could bring the fun to you and design it the way you want to have your perfect day. Call your friends, whether single or dating, and throw them the party of a lifetime. Hosting a party keeps your mind occupied and you may not even notice that you are single. Besides, if you are single, at least you won’t be alone. if you are lucky, you may meet someone at your own party.

Go to Karaoke

Karaoke always works, whether you have to do it alone or in the company of your partner. Doing it alone is way better though. You get to be just you, sing your heart out without a care in the world. It is a great way to discover yourself as you listen and watch other people having the fun while enjoying yourself as well. When it is your turn, you have the chance to express your heart to an audience that will not judge you. In fact, you may gather yourself some new fans while at it.

Netflix And Chill

Binge watching is the simplest way to spend any day and Valentine’s is not any different, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Let’s face it, you are not going to meet your soulmate by going out simply because it is Valentine’s day. Going out and watching everyone smiling with their partners with roses in their arms won’t help your situation either.

Nothing beats staying at home and customizing your playlist to include movies and shows you enjoy the most. You could watch all those movies everyone has been talking about and make your own little Valentine’s haven.

Have A Quirkyalone Day

Quirkyalone day coinciding with Valentine’s day is controversial as many people see it as an anti-Valentine’s Day protest. Whatever it is, there is nothing more romantic than celebrating self-love. Everyone needs to be alone and happy before they can be good enough for their potential loved one.

Having your Quirkyalone Day hiking or doing whatever you enjoy alone gives you that moment to rethink your life. You could go to your perfect spot and read books or just play games if that is what it takes to come to terms with your current state of affairs.

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Take Yourself On A Date

There is always an explanation for why you are single but there is none for why you can’t take yourself on a date. Treating yourself is one of the best actions of self-love you can ever do. You always have that perfect date in mind imagining the perfect food, view and lots more that could make your Valentine’s memorable.

It is fine if you always imagined your partner there with you but before you can make it great with your partner, you have to be sure you love it. So, go on that date and don’t worry about the happy couples surrounding you, you are a whole one-person couple on a Valentine’s date too.

Write A Love Story

Have you been in love before? Or, are you planning to fall in love in future? Whichever the case, you have a love story in your head that can easily be put on paper. Imagine meeting your partner at that perfect spot and describe what they would look like.

Go into your own fantasy world and dream out that perfect love story you hope to have or already had then sit down with a cup of coffee and write away. It may not be completed in a day, so you can continue building on it for as long as you are single, so that one day, when you find love, you will also have someone to read it to.


Being single means, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your Valentine’s day because you don’t have to go on a date. It is still the day of love and if you have no one to share it with, then you could simply share it with the world. Walking into a retirement home, a hospital or a care home to show some love can give you a life-changing experience.

You get to interact with lots of interesting people with lots of stories that you could hardly exhaust. Spending your Valentine’s Day volunteering always ends with a feeling of fulfilment and inner peace that every single person could really use.

Visit Aged Singles

Do you know all those old people in movies that seem to know so much about love? Well, they don’t have to be in movies only. Just like the world is full of old couples that have had the chance to spend years together sharing love, it is also full of single old people that have spent years with no one but themselves to love.

These people know so much about life as a single person than you will ever understand and most of them are always willing to talk about it. You could visit one that you know of, or simply go to a retirement home and have a chat with as many of them as you can.

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Buy Yourself Your Dream Valentine’s Gift

It is priceless to receive your dream gift from your partner but nothing beats the satisfaction of getting that gift by yourself. You don’t feel the obligation to give out something huge in return nor feel like you owe someone more than you can give them. Besides, if you get yourself that dream gift, you have the space to dream for an even better gift for the next Valentine’s Day and who knows, maybe you will have someone to buy it for you then.

Create A Podcast

It is wrong to assume that only people in relationships have great stories to tell, even singles have a lot to deal with. There is little focus on how singles spend their Valentine’s days around the world. If you have the courage, you could sit down on Valentine’s and create a podcast to share your daily life as a single with the world. There might be someone out there who is hoping to hear your story to change their lives for the better. If you are lucky, your podcast may become the next viral thing and earn you some money as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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