10 Perfect Game Of Thrones Love Stories To Relate To On Valentine’s Day

Game of Thrones went down as the greatest TV show of all time and spawned many great gift ideas, but it also passes as one of the greatest love stories ever told. If you haven’t watched it or are planning to watch again, Valentine’s Day will be a great time to do it. The entire show is a product of love stories, both good and bad that resulted in decisions that affected everyone. While most of the stories are dark and bloody, the show also has some perfect love stories you can relate to for your Valentine’s Day inspiration.


Jon And Daenerys

Jon And Daenerys

Yes, Jon Snow ended up killing Daenerys to save everyone that was left after she burned down a city but that doesn’t mean he didn’t love her. Jon Snow and Daenerys were one of the most perfect matches in the show. They both grew up with little to no love as Jon Snow was hated by his foster mother Catelyn while Daenerys was sold from one marriage to another by her brother Viserys.

Then Daenerys walked through fire to hatch her dragons and raise an army while Jon was raised from the dead before earning his place in Winterfell. When the two met, they were two stories of faith and determination coming together ready to conquer the world.

Rhaegar And Lyanna

The events in Game of Thrones were heavily based on what happened between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Rhaegar was a prince married to Elia Martell, a marriage arranged by his family to strengthen their ties with Dorne. Lyanna on the other hand was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, a man he obviously didn’t love.

The two met and fell in love but there was no way they could make their relationship public without causing a civil war so they ran away and had a secret marriage which no one knew about. When the civil war started, Rhaegar was forced to come back and fight for his father, but he never gave up on his love for Lyanna.

Samwell Tarly And Gilly

Samwell Tarly was rejected by his father because he couldn’t fight. He had lost his rightful place as the heir of all the lands that belonged to his house and forced to join the Night’s Watch. He was not allowed to have a wife or any lands. Then he met Gilly, a little girl tortured by her father, having a baby whom her father wanted to sacrifice to the Night King.

Samwell saves the girl and is forced to fight for her amid all the opposition from everyone. Samwell Tarly and Gilly are the best example of love conquers all in the show as they ended up in the Red Keep when all the fighting was over. No one deserved a happy ever after more than these two.

Jon Snow And Ygritte

“You know nothing Jon Snow,” is one of the most popular quotes from Game of Thrones told by Ygritte, a wildling that had no place in the life of a high born like Jon. They met in the strangest of circumstances with Jon snow starting as Ygritte’s prisoner before becoming her lover. The two were in love even while fighting for different warring sides which is totally unheard of. Of course, Ygritte died but their love went beyond the screens and actualized in real life. Rose Leslie who played Ygritte and Kit Harrington are now married, which is why this relationship was so unique.

Robb Stark And Talisa

Robb Stark wasn’t the smartest of leaders in Game of Thrones, but he was an honourable man that followed his heart. He had been forced to agree to an arranged marriage to Walder Frey’s daughter meant to strengthen the bond between House Stark and House Frey.

The marriage would have helped him win the war against the Lannisters and also get to keep all the Freys in his army but he chose love. He decided to marry Talisa, the boldest woman in the show who was willing to take on the world with him. The decision resulted in their deaths in the end but their love was unforgettable.

Jaime And Brienne

Brienne of Tarth with her masculine looks was never lucky with love as most men she met insulted and despised her. She was still a strong woman both physically and emotionally which is why Jaime fell in love with her. Their romance started while Jaime was Brienne’s prisoner, except they both got captured and now had to save each other.

Jaime lost his hand while trying to save Brienne and she never forgot that. They couldn’t be together though, because Jaime was in love with Cersei, a sister he hated yet loved so much. They had their moment when Jaime finally got the courage to go against Cersei but he chose his sister over Brienne in the end. Their love was still one of the purest in the show.

Jaime And Cersei

Falling in love with your sister is outright wrong, but taking the greatest risk in the world for someone you love like Jaime is priceless. Jaime knew that Cersei was dangerous and that she would get him killed but he loved her. She was his sister and married to the king so their relationship was dangerous but they did it anyway.

When the rumours about their relationship threatened their family, the two simply brushed it off and continued. They were willing to kill everyone just to stay together. Yes, that relationship was toxic, but you couldn’t help but admire the effort they put in to protect it.

Renly And Loras

Renly and Loras did everything wrong with their lives except loving each other. The society was hostile to homosexuality which is why their relationship is so unique. When everyone was busy trying to force them to marry for convenience and continuity of their families’ bloodlines, the two simply ignored it and found a safe haven in each other. It was one of the riskiest relationships in the show as it could get them both killed but they did it anyway. Loras never found a man to love him as deeply as Renly did.

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Greyworm And Missandei

Missandei never did anything wrong, she only followed the woman that liberated her from the slavers and loved the bravest man she had ever met. Greyworm didn’t have any problem with the people of King’s Landing either until they killed the sweetest woman he had ever met.

Their story started in the worst of circumstances as they had to follow a queen who seemed rather hopeless, then they fell in love despite the pain they had both endured. Loving one another was the first decision they were not commanded to do in their lives, they just did it.

Ellaria And Oberyn

Yes, Ellaria Sand was a bad woman, but she never went off the rails until she lost the love of her life, Oberyn Martell. He died fighting for Tyrion Lannister, against The Mountain, Cersei’s champion hence her hatred for the Lannisters.

Before that, she would have seen the whole world burn just to be with Oberyn. The two had a perfect marriage with kids they raised with free will and lots of energy. Ellaria and Oberyn enjoyed things that people considered obscene but they were in love and didn’t care about the world as long as their family was safe.

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