10 Crazy But Awesome Things For Couples To Do On Valentine’s Day

No one really knows what love is, but people try to define it anyway. Actually, the more you try to study love, the more you are likely to get convinced that it doesn’t exist. Except, love does exist. It can’t be seen, but it can be felt. That is why Valentine’s day is so important. It is that day when you could try to show your partner what you actually feel about them. It is like the state of the nation address for lovers, you know. That time when you have to ask and answer the hardest questions about each other romantically. It is not easy, which is why you have to be creative and sometimes crazy about it.


Have A Day Long Heart To Heart

Have A Day Long Heart To Heart

Everyone hopes that Valentine’s Day will find them on the best of terms with their partner but that is not always the case. Since Valentine’s is all about creating memories, which memory is greater than a moment of truth? Hard questions could ruin or build the relationship, but failing to ask them will more likely to ruin it.

In the end, most Valentine’s Days end with couples who haven’t made any significant steps towards hard truths. So, why don’t you get your favourite food and drinks for Valentine’s Day and spend the whole day walking around the house, sleeping, cooking and cleaning, while asking and answering those questions you have always wanted to ask your partner?

Get A Pet

You should never underestimate the power of a pet in a relationship. There are millions of gift options for Valentine’s but none of them can bring as much life to your relationship as a puppy, a cat or a parrot. A pet will fill some voids in your relationship that you never knew you had in the first place.

You know those hours when you spend thinking about your partner but they are not there? If you bought a pet on valentine’s day, you will always feel your partner is close even when they are not. Besides, if you can sit and agree on what pet to get, you can agree on anything else.

Learn A Secret Language

Ever wanted to tell your partner something that only they can understand but you can’t because you don’t have a secret language? Well, it takes a lot of time together to develop a secret language but Valentine’s day can be a great start.

Sitting with your partner, teaching each other and agreeing on different meanings to common words can go a long way in strengthening bonds. You don’t have to invent a whole new language in one day, just find new meaning for common signs and words that only the two of you can understand and you are good to go.

Volunteer Together

Ever heard of this couple that saved for a huge wedding then used all the money to start a children’s rescue centre so that their wedding sacrifice would last forever? Well, you don’t have to do the same thing but doing something great for someone goes a long way. Volunteering with your partner gives you a deep sense of relief and a memory you will probably never let go of. It is also a great way to share your love with the world while enjoying it.

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Try Out Tough Recipes

It is not said in these exact words but a couple that cooks together stays together. When you cook together with your partner, you have a special moment with the feeling of accomplishing the impossible together and nothing can beat that.

To make it Valentine’s special, you can choose the hardest recipes you have ever come across and attempt bringing it to life. You really have nothing to lose because if it doesn’t work, you can always laugh it off and if it does, you will have a Valentine’s day miracle.

Write Love Letters or Books

Old is gold and nothing can be more golden than an old 10-page love letter for your partner or a book if you started early. You don’t have to make it a one-time thing, making a habit of writing love letters to your partner then sharing your letters on Valentine’s day can be a great tradition. If you can sit down and put your love for your partner on paper, it becomes a memory that will last forever. Don’t write it while your partner is watching though because that beats the meaning of the whole thing.

Visit A Retirement Home

Old people like talking more than anything else but they rarely have someone to talk to. Like it or not, they know more about love than you do so if you and your partner want to hear more about love, a retirement home is the best place to go. Getting a perfect gift for the old folks and spending the day listening to them gives you a different perspective on life. Your day will end with you and your partner wiser and some old people happier.

Make A Movie

Watching a movie on valentine’s day is always awesome but for a Valentine’s special, creating your own would feel much better. You don’t have to be an A-lister to produce a perfect movie for your relationship, just great lovers.

Shooting the things, you do together over valentine’s days and reviewing them every other Valentine’s day will always rekindle that glow on your faces. If you do it over a couple of years, you will have a whole map of your love life through Valentine’s day films.

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Take A Break

Every successful relationship is a product of many right decisions and choices. Valentine’s day is the perfect day to make that decision and it doesn’t always have to involve spending the time together. While some couples need to do something new together to get closer, others just need some time apart to achieve the same result. If you are having a hard time connecting while with your partner, Valentine’s day apart may be exactly what you both need.

Dump Bad Memories

The bad memories are as important as the good ones as they remind you of the obstacles you have overcome as a couple. However, to move ahead, you have to let go of the bad memories and there is no better time to do it than on Valentine’s day. If you have been having a hard time, big losses or bad fights, over something, nothing can beat shutting that page together on. Spending Valentine’s day looking at those photos and burning some old rags won’t hurt.

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