Top 10 Great Wedding Venues Around Sydney 

Top 10 Great Wedding Venues Around Sydney 

Weddings have been celebrated since the old days. They play a special part to the married couple, and getting the best venues is an additional plus. Beautiful venues that will melt your heart and give you a perfect view of the cities and other beautiful sceneries to leave your guests in awe and give the couple a magical moment. Here are some of the top 10 great wedding venues in Sydney…

Sydney harbour Marriot hotel

Sydney Harbor Marriot Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated in circular quay. It is located in the most scenic parts of Sydney with iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House that form the familiar harbour skyline. The wedding venue contains outdoor and indoor spaces that one can use interchangeably or use a single room for the whole event. Additionally, the venue’s sceneries will give you and your guests a magical moment, such as the view of the waterfront in the guest bedrooms and the view of Macquarie place park.

Epicure to Taronga zoo

The Epicure to Taronga zoo is a unique venue to take your guests. You get to experience the beautiful sceneries of the Sydney opera house, harbour bridge, Sydney skyline, and the glistening water behind you. Additionally, you get to say your vows with the wildlife close to you. Additionally, there are a variety of spaces to host your wedding venue.

The Tea Room

The Tea Room

The Queen Victoria building is incomparable in grandeur. This exquisitely appointed space caters to the most extraordinary events rich in architectural history and European majesty. It has magnificent ornate ceilings, glittering crystal chandeliers, and elegant proportions. This exquisite venue is made bespoke by its refined cuisine. Additionally, to transport your guests, you can hire a bus at bus hire Sydney or minibus for smaller groups to the heart of CBD.

Urban winery Sydney

Sydney’s urban winery gives you a unique space that includes an open winery, wine bar, cellar bar, heritage lawn, and event space. It is multifunctional and can serve any wedding. You get to wine with wine barrels surrounding you and vintage wine in this space.

Gunners barracks Sydney

This venue is nestled in Georges Heights, Mosman and overlooking the yacht dotted harbour to the city. This venue is a historical sandstone building boasting vintage charms, classic features and surreal and classic features, and a surreal waterfront terrace that is sure to impress your guests. This venue screams elegance, romance and vintage charms.

Intercontinental Sydney

Intercontinental Sydney

InterContinental Sydney has long been one of the most famous wedding venues in the region. The venue has all the hallmarks of timeless sumptuousness and luxurious facilities. With its iconic grand sandstone arches and proximity to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. you might want to consider this space for even a larger group.

Blue room Bondi

One of the best venues for a beach wedding has understated décor from beautiful floors to breathtaking ceiling views. One can choose to host their wedding at the shores of bond or onsite the courtyard.

Zest beach house at point piper

This venue sits at the waterfront within the royal motor yacht club. Its beautiful scenarios will spur out romance and give you magical moments. It’s functional for any weddings types; elegant, laidback wedding. Additionally, it is designed to fit even larger groups.

Pier one Sydney

Pier one Sydney

This venue overlooks Sydney harbour. You might want to consider exchanging vows overlooking the dock or a canopy of fairy lights. Additionally, the beautiful sights will make you want to consider this place with fantastic photography and the beautiful backgrounds you are assured of good wedding photos.

Radisson blue Sydney

Its located at the heart of Sydney. A five-star hotel that brims with historical charms and elegant features to give you the best wedding aesthetics. It specializes in boutique-style wedding. Additionally, they offered various space and packaged that may suit your needs.

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