Ten of The Worlds Best Wedding Destinations

Ten of The Worlds Best Wedding Destinations

COVID-19 travel restrictions have been eased, and couples have lots of options for “destination weddings,” at home and abroad. One thing for certain – the planning will have to begin far in advance, and there will be many considerations:

⦁ What geography do you want? A sandy beach, a mountain view, a party atmosphere, or a quieter environment?
⦁ What will be the size of your wedding party and guests?
⦁ What expenses will be involved (travel, hotel, etc.) for you and your party?
⦁ What are plans for an after-ceremony celebration?

Once these decisions are made, your options are narrowed. Here is a list of the top 10 wedding destinations that offer variety.

The Caribbean

Multiple destinations in the Caribbean can satisfy almost any environment you want.


Over 300 beaches, hosting atmospheres from resort-style parties to more secluded and quiet environments in the south. Lots of resorts offer wedding packages – bargains during the off-season, May to December.



Montego Bay is the most popular wedding spot, but there are quieter beaches – cliffs of Negril or waterfalls of Ocho Rios. This may be one of the least expensive destinations, especially from June through December.


Cozumel is for couples who love the outdoors and shy away from the partying of large resort towns. Still, some resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages. Avoid spring break season.

Other Mexican destinations include Los Cabos on the Baja California Peninsula and the Riviera Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Again, an easy destination for you and your party – 700 islands, the most popular of which are Nassau and Paradise Island. But there are less populous spots too, such as the Exumas and Harbor Island. There are many places in the Caribbean to consider. Check out your options.

Far-Away Places

There are many amazing destinations, but they will be more expensive, and the planning a bit more complex without using a package deal. One need may be using professional language translation services to be certain that all details are covered. Three of the most popular countries are as follows:


The most popular wedding venues are in the romantic cities – Rome, Florence, or Venice. There is also the Almalfi Coast in the Tuscan region with cliffs dropping off to the Mediterranean. Resorts have wedding packages – plan far in advance.


Paris is the first city that comes to mind for a wedding. Couples can get married in front of the Eiffel Tower, at museums, or in some amazing cathedrals. How about a cruise on the Seine River with a catered meal afterwards? Don’t discount other places, though – Cannes is beautiful, as is the Bordeaux wine region.



Choose between the mainland or many idyllic islands. Consider a backdrop of Athens with all of its ancient ruins or the more rustic ambience of Crete. Perhaps choose Santorini, with its famous white buildings, or Mykonos, for a party atmosphere.

If you decide to marry in any of these foreign far-away places, be certain that you know how you can translate your wedding documents so that they will be accepted in your home country.

Closer to Home in the U.S.

Find a wonderful wedding destination in the continental U.S., depending on the environment and time of year you want.

    • Florida continues to be a popular destination on either coast – beautiful beaches, hotels and resorts of all types, and almost any atmosphere. Festive locations like Miami contrast with quieter, more laid-back Sanibel Island or the gorgeous beaches of The Keys.
    • California: Here again, plenty of options. Napa Valley, the wine country, will remind you of Italy – acres of vineyards and adorable towns. Mendocino, on the northern coast, sits on high bluffs overlooking the ocean, with a gorgeous beach and redwood forests. Of course, there are plenty of other places in California – check out your options.

Eastern Seaboard Towns

  • Eastern Seaboard Towns: Up and down the Eastern seaboard, from Jekyll Island in Georgia to Virginia Beach, to Cape Cod, there are amazing wedding venues – easier on the pocketbook and available in packages.

Final Note:
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be perfect and in a place that both you and your future spouse love. And you must consider the needs and budgets of your wedding party. Take your time, start early, keep everyone in the “loop,” and you will end up with your dream wedding.

Author Bio: Michael Carr holds a degree in psychology and sociology and is both a marriage/family counsellor and popular blogger. In his spare time, he is an aficionado of languages and practices as much as he can during his frequent travels abroad.


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