Top 10 Nerdgasmic Firefly Gift Ideas For Loyal Fans

Firefly might have only lasted months, but it still has a massive fan base of ‘Browncoats’ trying to keep the memory of it alive and never giving up hope of it being renewed. So its no wonder there are so many Firefly gift ideas to choose from to give to a fan of the show…



Firefly Playing Cards
Firefly Playing Cards

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With some cool Firefly Easter eggs to find and a show themed distressed look about them, this pack of cards will help deal with any problems you might have with the Alliance.

Firefly: Jayne Cobb Action Figure

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There are several action figures to choose from, but this one with the Hat is my favourite.

Serenity Model

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Created to an exact 1:400 scale, this 8″ long model was made using the show’s actual CG files making it as accurately done as possible.

Firefly Key Chain

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This impressive laser-cut metal keychain pendant of the Serenity is not as delicate as the ship is, so it will take the banging of keys against it’s hull.

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Firefly: The Game

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This fun strategy board game require a lot of time and skill to get right, but it will prove you are a true fan of the show by the end of it.

Firefly Serenity Plush Spaceship

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You can crash this ship like the bug it is and it will just keep coming back for more. Just remember to “Treat her proper”.

Serenity Spaceship Christmas Tree Ornament

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Hang this from your Christmas tree and sit back and enjoy re-runs with all your fellow Browncoats this Christmas.

Firefly Monopoly

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Just like normal property trading, only with this limited edition game, it is set in space!

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Firefly Serenity Ice Cube Tray

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Don’t get hot-headed that they took the show off the air, just show your support with this ice cube tray gift idea and stay cool.

Yahtzee Firefly Collectors Edition

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The show takes its name from the “Firefly-class” spaceship they travel on called Serenity so what better way to theme a Yahtzee dice cup.

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