Ten Warning Signs You Need a New Central Heating Boiler

Ten Warning Signs You Need a New Central Heating Boiler

If you have a central heating boiler system that is leaking or not working properly, you should be aware of the warning signs that indicate it needs repair or replacement. Is your heater turning on and off? Does it sound like something is clogged? Heater repair or replacement is a process that needs to be done by a professional, but if you’re in doubt about whether you need it or not, here are some tips on how to check and identify issues that might tell you it is time to repair or upgrade your main heating system…

Your Energy Bill Is Increasing

You may have noticed recently that your heating bill keeps rising, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep your home warm. This is because there are certain areas around your home where the heat doesn’t reach. You might also be turning on the heater but still not feeling warm enough.

If you find that your gas bill is constantly rising for no apparent reason, schedule a service appointment with a qualified HVAC company in your area that specializes in heater repair.

They Take Longer to Heat Up

While most household radiator systems can always take 30-40 minutes to heat up if you notice it takes a lot longer it could be a sign that your system needs servicing. Sadly it could be anything from a simple blockage to a tired old boiler that can’t pump the heat around like it once used to.

Small Leaks

The fact is your boiler shouldn’t ever leak water so if it does, no matter how small the quantity, you should get it looked at. In fact, British Gas does suggest that you should turn your heater off immediately and have it professionally checked if you notice even a few drops of anything.

Yellow Flame

According to the website ‘Warranty People‘ when your boiler is showing a yellow flame instead of a blue one it could be a sign of very small amounts of carbon monoxide leaking into the system. While at this point it isn’t a danger to your health it could become a very serious problem in the long run and should be dealt with ASAP.

Strange Noises

If you hear shaking or rattling in your home coming from your vents, it might mean that something is wrong with the heating system. This type of noise might indicate loose screws, a broken compressor, or some other part that has stopped aligning correctly. If you hear strange noises coming from your heater, you may have a problem. You should call an HVAC service provider to check it out.

Ten Warning Signs You Need a New Central Heating Boiler

Decreasing Air Pressure

So, have you noticed your heating system’s air pressure is decreasing? Is the heater registering a lower-than-usual air pressure signal? This could be caused by one of three issues:

  • The heater needs to be serviced
  • The unit is leaking refrigerant
  • The system may have an issue with the gas valve

It is important for your home or office to have consistent, healthy air pressure. Rising or falling pressures can cause problems with the heating and cooling of your home, meaning you may need a repair sooner than you think.

Strange Smells

When you notice strange smells coming from your heater, one of the first things to do is give it a thorough inspection. If the smell comes from the heat exchanger, you need to replace the part. If the smell is coming from somewhere else, you may need to clean it or repair it.

These strange smells can be a sign of an issue with your heating system. When you notice it, it’s best to contact a professional and have it inspected right away.

Your Heater Is More Than 10 Years Old

If you are like most people, your heating system is much older than you think. In fact, many heating systems in America are over 10 years old. If your heater is more than 10 years old and no longer keeps the room warm, it’s time for a repair!

You Were Told to

If you were told that your system might need a longer-term repair or replacement in the future it is not advice and professional boiler technicians will give out lightly, so it is best to deal with it sooner rather than later because it could end up costing you a whole lot more.

It’s Low Rating

If your boiler isn’t an ‘A’ rated boiler (one that has an energy efficiency of 90%+) then it might be time to upgrade. Before you rush out and get those new boiler quotes you could always do some homework of your own and reading advice posts like this one is a great place to start.

If you have any other questions about boiler repair or replacement do let us know in the comments below so we can help you even further.

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