Top 10 Things to Do on Trips to Australia

Top 10 Things to Do on Trips to Australia

From the allure of secluded beaches to the breathtaking beauty of natural vegetation and animal life, the red continent has something for every type of traveller. Hiking in rugged terrains with fascinating scenery, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and skydiving are all options for adventurous spirits. Modern cities in Australia are equally captivating, with all-around luxury shopping destinations, top eateries for avid foodies, world-class casinos, and so much more!

Here are some experiences you should not pass up on your trip down under:

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR)

The world’s largest reef stretches out for 2,300 km over 900 islands and has approximately 2900 reefs. It is indeed a sight to behold. Most visitors to the Great Barrier Reef prefer to stay in Cairns, but Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas are also viable options. Here, you can choose between scuba diving and snorkelling at the fascinating barrier reef. Human activity has harmed the reef through pollution and climate change, but it still supports a diverse range of marine life, including exotic fish and vibrant coral.

Uluru-Kata National Park

Uluru-Kata is associated with Aboriginal culture. It has a sacred monolith, also known as Ayers Rock located in the northern town of Alice Springs. The monolith is sacred to the indigenous people and is said to have formed over 550 million years ago.

The mysterious and magical perception of the rock, combined with its breathtaking glow at sunrise and sunset, provides an out-of-this-world experience. The best time to visit Uluru-Kata is between May and September when day temperatures range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Between April and October, you can dine on local cuisine with an open view of the park under the shimmering stars.

The Famous Great Ocean Road

Take a road trip on one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. It is a three-hour journey that takes you through picturesque campsites, national parks, kangaroo viewing at Anglesea Golf Course, whale watching at Warrnambool, and surf spots in Torquay and Bells Beach.

The Kimberley Peninsula

Another historically rich destination in Western Australia is the outlier Kimberley coast, which offers a riveting view of over 2 billion years of history. Cruising is the best way to enjoy top-tier accommodation and food while taking in the scenic views of the coastline.

The Kimberley is visually appealing because it is one of the last true-life badlands on the planet. You’ll see roaring waterfalls, ochred gorges, rocky shores, river systems, and unspoiled beaches all over the Kimberley.

Melbourne – From Pokies to the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne is home to two of Australia’s most prominent cultural experiences: pokies and the Melbourne Cup. Pokies are part of Australia’s heritage and one of the best places to watch Aussies play pokies is at the popular Melbourne’s Crown Casino. With more than 3500 poker machines, also called “pokies” scattered across three large blocks and with an elevated view of the Yarra River, the Crown Casino in Melbourne is popular among both locals and tourists.

While pokies are available all year, the Melbourne Cup is a yearly event held in November that should not be missed. Horse racing is popular in Australia, and the Melbourne Cup is the most important event in the industry. Most visitors, on the other hand, come to experience the culture, which includes drinking and the magnificent “fascinators,” attractive hats traditionally decorated with feathers and flowers.


Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. The city has the best harbours in the world, as well as the iconic Sydney Opera House. Whether you stay in the city for a few days or a few weeks, there is always something new to try, such as the harbour bridge, parks, Manly Beach, Darling Harbor restaurants, and surfing.

Western Australia (WA)

The East is for everyone, but the West is only for the most intrepid dreamers. White-sand beaches stretch for miles in this region, which covers one-third of Australia’s west coast. With its continuous outbacks and fewer visitors than other parts of Australia, the west exudes intimacy. You can also visit Karijini National Park or add to your marine life adventure by visiting Ningaloo Reef and Coral Bay.

Kangaroo Island

Despite its lack of visibility in the tourism industry, South Australia is not devoid of life. Sea lions, kangaroos, seals, and koalas live in the area. Walking among the colony of endangered sea lions at Seal Bay, on the other hand, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are visiting the country in the winter or spring, Kangaroo Island is a must-see because sea lions rest on the dunes away from the sea breeze.

Travel Across Australia on a Luxury Train

A train journey across Australia is the best way to experience the diverse nature of the dreamy continent. The 2979-kilometer rail link between Adelaide and Darwin is also regarded as one of the world’s best rail journeys. You’ll see the Flinders Ranges, the Red Centre, and green tropical forests along the way, with stops in Katherine and Alice Springs to learn about Australia’s native heritage.

BBQ with the Aussies

When there is new food to try, barbecue touring becomes more interesting. Australia is known for its deep-rooted BBQ culture, which has evolved over time. Furthermore, BBQ is a fun way to try out Kangaroo grills for the first time. Barbecue pits can be found in almost every populated area, including parks.


Australia appears to be a collection of disparate worlds intertwined. In Australia, you can have a thrilling experience on a budget or get a deluxe experience down under. The diversity of the continent has amassed a variety of the world’s rarest works of nature, from flora to fauna.

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